/ / Wreath of dried flowers by own hands, master class, photo. How to make an interior wreath herself

Wreath of dried flowers by own hands, master class, photo. How to make an interior wreath herself

Interior wreath from dried flowers - master class

In this master class we connected twoFloral elements - a composition of dried flowers and an interior wreath. To add a decorative accessory to the functionality, we used lavender in the work, which would fill the house with a pleasant fragrance. You can, if desired, replace it with jasmine, lemon, oregano.

Necessary materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspapers (can be replaced by any paper)
  • Corrugated paper
  • Decorative mesh "spider"
  • Jute rope (color ribbon)
  • Sackcloth
  • Dry flowers (how to dry them with your own hands, read below)
  • Glue gun

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We prepare the basis.
    From a dense cardboard we cut out a workpiece in the form of a circle.

  2. We give the basis of the volume.
    We turn the newspaper sheets into tubes and glue them round the workpiece along the entire perimeter.

  3. We decorate the base.
    On top we glue the corrugated paper so as to close the unaesthetic "newspaper look".
    On a note! The first three steps can be avoided if you do not make the base with your own hands, and use the purchased one - from foam, for example.

  4. We cover the basis of straw and wrap it in a decorative "spiderweb".

  5. We decorate the underside of the wreath.
    It is better to do this at this stage, otherwise you can damage the flowers. From the burlap, cut out a circle, equal in diameter to the cardboard blank. We fix on the back side.

  6. We frame the wreath with the help of dry twigs. We glue them on the outer perimeter.

  7. We compose a bouquet.
    We glue the dried flowers according to the principle: from below large, at the top small.

  8. Even waste can be used in the work. For example, the stalk of the spikelets, cut into equal lengths and tied with jute into bundles, becomes an additional decorative element.

  9. We form the suspension.
    Jute the rope through the ring. Make a loop, with it you can fix a wreath of dried flowers on the door or hang over the fireplace.

How to dry fresh flowers?

  • Before drying the plant should be tied in small bundles
  • Drying occurs, as a rule, "upside down" (exception - flowers-buds)
  • You need a dark room with a low level of humidity (direct sunlight irretrievably kill a bright color)
  • Not suitable for dried plants are plants that consume a lot of water, with thin and delicate petals (lilies, tulips, daffodils)

A note for a beginner florist

After drying, the plants can be painted in any color, thus obtaining unique specimens.

Many dried flowers can be stored without losing theirColoring, a lot of years. But there are exceptions. For example, lavender retains its brightness for not more than a year, but for a long time it pleases with its fragrance. And the hare and the feathers of the kiss look "like new" for a very long time, but they are grasses - "dust collectors".

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