/ How to maintain diversity in sex?

How to maintain diversity in sex?

How to maintain diversity in sexual life?

The first step is to change the style of clothes, inWhich you walk around the house. The constant appearance of a washed-up dressing gown and worn-out slippers does not help to attract the attention of a man, let alone a desire to have sex. However, you should not rush to extremes and meet your husband with heels-studs and in transparent negligee. It will be too much. Domestic clothes should not be too frank and vulgar. It is enough to have one clever detail that will attract attention, lead a husband, for example, a décolleté or an open back, or a cut from the side.

Sexy haircut

Of course, one clothing is not enough toAttract the attention of men, so take care of the beauty of your body. It is recommended to make an intimate haircut, which, perhaps, can enhance the senses, embellish caresses, awaken the passion. In hot days, you can generally give up underwear, which will give you more freedom, attractiveness, sexuality. All this will excite the spouse, which will result in inexpressible emotions during intimacy.

Sex toys

One effective way to rekindle the passion andTo get new sensations is to resort to sexual toys. Start with an erotic massage using feathers or condoms with antennae. With the successful result of such an experiment, you can increase the range of toys for adults. Realize the idea that each family needs a variety in sexual life, do not be afraid to experiment, it will only benefit.

Oral sex

Try oral sex, if until nowYou did not practice it. In this case the partner's caresses are performed by the tongue, do not hesitate to kiss the sexual organs. Relax and trust your partner, he will guide you, how to act and what he wants.

Anal sex

Only mention of anal sex or analStimulation can cause a negative reaction in some people, but it is more from ignorance. For anal sex, there is a special lubricant, special condoms are made, designed for this type of sex.

It is revealed that many women quickly reach orgasm with anal sex, rather than with ordinary sex.

Sex in a variety of places and poses

It is recommended to completely discard all stereotypesAnd diversify sex with new poses, make love in extreme places for you, and you can even not take off your clothes. Open up and follow your desires.

In the presence of such a feature as the feeling of orgasm in a strictly defined posture, it is recommended to return to it at the end of the sexual act.

Look around, there are many interesting places around where you have not had sex:

  • Bathroom - just not to slip.
  • Elevator - means fast sex with an extreme feeling of being seen.
  • Entrance - sex on the railing, near the walls, etc. Sex in clothes warms up, captures.
  • Balcony - sex, when a woman leans on the railing, and the man takes a pose from behind. Fear of being seen by neighbors makes sex extreme.
  • The cinema is the last row, convenient places.
  • The plane is very extreme, as there are a lot of passengers around.

Places suitable for sex are many, do not be afraid to experiment.

Reading erotic stories

Erotic stories well stimulates sexual imagination. The partners include fantasies, realized both in foreplay, and during sex.

Uncover your fantasies to each other, it will promote complete emancipation and trust on both sides, awaken a vivid passion between partners.

All this will help restore romance and brightness to the relationship, make the marriage happy, and the sexual life - colorful and diverse.

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