/ How to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases?

How to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases?

Hazard Categories

Among the safest contactsRelate the relationship in sexual terms with one constant partner, for example, a married man. At the same time, you should be sure of its initially healthy state, and also to know for sure that it is in close relations only with you. A safe contact also includes the use of various sexual toys to achieve pleasure. Erotic massage, close contact with bodies, touching each other, but only with bodies, as well as all kinds of caresses and tenderness, touching the body with the help of the tongue, all-like actions refer to a safe path of erotic intimacy. And here a few sexual partners, that is already more than one, increases the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Low risk of data infectionInfections occur when kissing, with the participation of the language, penetrating into the mouth of the second half, as well as various types of petting, in oral sex and all sorts of sexual relations, but using a condom.

By the middle stage of the likelihood of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection, you can include oral sex without using a condom, and plus everything, not with a regular partner, but with random ones.

It should be noted that the risk of infection is high in the case when the sexual act itself, both vaginal and anal, occurs without using a condom and with a casual partner.

What kind of protection can not be relied on?

There are a number of popular ways thatMistakenly uses a large number of people. The fact is that there are various methods that can be attributed to non-traditional ones. It is generally accepted that such methods of protection can be relied upon. But this is just a common myth that needs to be dispelled. For example, such an assumption that washing the sex organs with ordinary soap can be guaranteed to be protected from various kinds of infections is nothing more than a myth. The use of soap as personal hygiene is certainly very effective, but only in this case. Also, an important place is given to syringing with certain solutions of various antiseptics. The risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases can decrease slightly. But only to decrease, but not completely eliminated. The probability of infection is still there.

The above described methods are by no means so harmless,As can be shown at a glance. The fact is that with enough frequent use of douching, or washing the genitals with soap, you can disrupt the microflora, and also affect not the best way on the mucous membrane. Thus, it is possible to provoke the development of vaginosis, which in turn only contributes to the development of venereal infection.


Today there is a huge choiceVarious medications. Such remedies can protect against undesirable pregnancy, and also can prevent the emergence of various infections. It is worth noting that any pharmacy can guarantee protection in more than 70%. If both partners decide to protect themselves, all possible options should be considered and their positive and negative indicators should be compared.


With the help of a condom, you can protect yourself from the possibility of infection with various infections, and also it will protect you from the onset of unwanted pregnancy.

There is an erroneous opinion that the condom guarantees a one hundred percent guarantee. But this is completely wrong. Any medical employee will be able to characterize his protection by no more than 60-70%.

The condom has pores through whichPenetrate a number of infections, such as genital herpes, papilloma virus, and even an infection - hepatitis B. It should also be noted that the condom can not protect against lice or syphilis.

The plus for a condom is thatContraindications to which there is no use, if only allergy to the material, latex or the lubricant to which it is processed. And side effects are not observed. On the purchase of a condom, there is no restriction on either accessibility or price.

Spermicidal form of protection

Spermicides can include suchMeans, as medicinal preparations or ointments and all kinds of cream. The main task of the dasgs is to prevent pregnancy. But as their additional function is protection and preventive maintenance of diseases of venereal origin.

Scientists have conducted numerous experiments onThis account and came to the conclusion that as a protection this tool is completely incapable of being fully protected. Therefore, you can use a condom in parallel with the spermicidal means. Thus, protection will become more effective.

Methods of urgent prophylaxis

There are times when timely preventionIt is urgently necessary to take emergency action after the completion of the sexual act. And in this case, do not rely on a hundred percent guarantee of the used funds.

In a similar case, bactericidalProducts with antiseptic effect. Such drugs can destroy a variety of viruses and all kinds of fungi. These include the following: miramistin or betadine. These drugs are designed for syringing or dewatering. As a rule, they are sold even with a dispenser and convenient capacity, and more detailed information on the use of it can be obtained in the instruction, which is also attached.

Such a way of protection from venerealDiseases is not used on a regular basis. After saving you from unfavorable microbes, it sweeps out everything necessary for the normal work of the organism. For example, it does not have the best effect on the microflora, which, in turn, is necessary for the formation of our immunity.

In the event that you used one of these methods, but after a short period of time noticed a change in the state of the tuber organs, contact a specialist urgently.

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