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Eastern horoscope: cat or rabbit

A well-known proverb says: The cat always falls on its paws. Does this mean that the cat is a lucky person in life, the darling of fate? Yes, because the cat (or rabbit), according to the eastern horoscope, is a gifted person. A cat has a mass of talans that hit other people.

Eastern horoscope: cat or rabbit.

The cat is reserved, ambitious, knows its own worth and does notExchanged for small things. Perhaps the main disadvantage of the cat is its superficiality. Unfortunately, this quality extends to the entire personality of the cat - all of its virtues, knowledge and talents are often superficial. The cat knows some part of the question that interests him, but the essence of this matter is unknown to him.

The cat (or rabbit), according to the eastern horoscope -The man is a public. He is sociable, likes to be in society. In public, the cat shines with its knowledge and taste. Likes to be in the spotlight. He likes to gossip with pleasure, but he never gets caught up in it. He has a sense of tact and great caution in discussing others behind their back.

The cat is always hospitable. His house seemed to be designed to welcome guests - everything in it is decorated with great taste. A cat likes to be praised when admired. It must be unique and unique in everything.

A female cat often gives in to self-admiration. She is educated, cultured, is a pleasant and intelligent interlocutor. A cat can learn some subjects just to flaunt your knowledge in a casual conversation.

The cat's character trait is poise. But he is also very sentimental. Even the smallest injustice or trouble can move him to tears. Other people's troubles do not touch him at all. Hunger and war will make him suffer only when he touches himself personally. But the sufferings of the cat in this case are so strong, unrestrained and desperate that the cat can even die from them.

Crying, the cat quickly comforts. Melancholy is part of the charm of cats. But only in the event that this melancholy does not degenerate into depression.

By nature, the cat is a conservative. He is negative about the changes in his habitual way of life. He can not live without a comfortable environment around him, he does not even like to sleep in his bed. Comfort, calmness, security are very important for a happy and carefree life of a cat.

Before taking important decisions, the cat weighs all the pros and cons for a long time. This indicates a certain slowness of his character. But it is thanks to this calculation that many people trust the cat.

The cat as if foresees the outcome of various importantAffairs: he knows what business will have success, and what - is doomed to failure. Therefore, cats do well in business and commerce. The main thing is that his activities are as safe as possible for him.

A woman cat is suitable for such professions, where sheWill be able to show all his taste, talent. A cat-wife is a gift of fate. She can be both a brilliant secular lioness and a tender domestic woman. She will revive the house with her own presence.

The cat very much cherishes their loved ones, but it's easyLeaves the family for his beloved. He has no great responsibility to the family, no sense of duty. The maternal instinct of the people of this sign is not very developed, they can leave children with nannies, and they themselves go amuse themselves with friends. Often, mother-cats do not spend time caring for their child and resume their care immediately after childbirth, instructing the babysitter to babysitter. Nevertheless, the parent cats will never abandon their child and diligently educate him. A cat's child will not need anything, including, in parental attention and love.

As a life partner, the cat should chooseA goat, to whom he will admire and idolize her. Strong marriage will be with a dog or with a pig. The rooster will irritate the cat with its boastfulness. A rat can bring a cat to despair. With a tiger, marriage will be doomed to divorce, as they will compete in everything.

As for the life stages of the cat, the first twoStage of his life will pass quietly, if there is no war, famine or natural disasters. The third stage of the cat's life can be associated with various dramatic events that will become real tests for his nervous system.

According to the eastern horoscope in the essence of people,Born in the year of the cat (rabbit) is something hidden and even mystical that attracts people to them. His weaknesses can bring him great strength. A cat in the soul of a sorcerer, he should use his strength and mystery to be happy.

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