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Characteristics born in the year of the bull

The characteristics of the bull born in the year are as follows. The bull always looks around for a long time, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. In life he is a contemplative: he observes interesting facts that others do not see. Ox is attentive and accurate with people. The bull likes to be alone. Only alone with himself he manifests his true essence: temperamental and passionate. In public, he is always reserved, and with himself can be very relaxed.

The bull is very difficult to get mad, this is one of theCharacteristics of his personality. He is calm and unperturbed remains calm for a long time. But if the bull is angry, then his anger falls on the culprit, like a powerful waterfall. If at this moment to resist him, then the bull can even become dangerous. It's a pitiable person who will be on the path of an angry bull.

By their personal qualities and characteristicsA bull is a born leader, a leader. He is always unruffled, calm, if necessary, however, shows all his eloquence. The bull is powerful, especially his power is felt in the family. The bull does not tolerate from his relatives that which contradicts his nature. The ox will not allow the daughter to wear miniskirts, and the son to grow long hair if he does not accept it. For the bull, his personal traditions and laws, which he himself made for his family, are very important.

The bull has no equal in work. He is a real hard worker, for the benefit of his family can work without days off and without holidays. The bull will not allow his children to be malnourished. The bull is suitable, both physical work and intellectual, everywhere it will achieve good results. The bull does not know much about commerce, but he will not be equal in agriculture or tourism.

In love, the bull does not use romance. He is capable of tenderness, love, devotion, but never from his beloved or beloved will not wait for gifts or beautiful words of love. The bull does not accept flirting and flashes of passion. This will bring him a lot of disappointments in love, as the chosen bull can get bored with his apparent indifference and start looking for romance on the side.

When a bull marries or gets married, he willIs true to his chosen one. Loyalty is the guarantee of family life for the bull. He will also trust his partner. In such a family there will be no jealousy and suspicion.

A female bull spends all her free time at home, very rarely visits or social events. A female bull is an excellent wife, an excellent and caring hostess. Her house is always a full cup.

Often the bull encounters a misunderstanding on the part of his family, since he sometimes uses his power unnecessarily. But, despite this, he is very fond of his family, he is proud of his children.

The first half of the bull's life will pass quietly, withoutExceptional events. The second part of life can bring the bull difficulties in creating a family, as well as problems in family life. The old age of the bull will be calm only if it retains its family in the years of maturity or acquires a new one.

As a life partner, the bull can chooseRooster. Against the bull, the cock will shine with its beauty and brightness, and the bull will allow it. A rat, loving a bull, will remain faithful to him until his death. The snake will change the bull to the right and left, but he will not guess about it, so their marriage will be long and fairly happy. A monkey can easily enchant a bull, but it's also easy for it to laugh at it. The bull should not choose as a spouse a goat - it tortures him with whims and impermanence. In no case is the union of a bull with a tiger possible: in such a family a real war for power will begin.

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