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Getting ready for the first anal sex

The most important thing in preparing for anal sex isUnderstanding that the procedure can take more than one day, which means that both the woman and her partner must have patience, which will pay off in the future. Do not believe me? Then ask those ladies who enjoy such unconventional caresses - they will say in chorus that they will not refuse such a pleasant and exciting time for their life.

Experts recommend the whole process of preparationDivided into two stages. On the first of them, the woman must prepare herself mentally, and physically, herself for channel penetration. The second stage takes place with the direct participation of the partner.

Getting ready for first-man sex yourself

First thing you should know is that analThe muscle squeezes tightly any object inserted into the hole, and it does not matter if it's a finger, a dildo or a male member. But in order to have a physical opportunity to introduce something into the anal opening, the sphincter is necessary to relax.

The simplest way to do this is by immersing yourself inA bath filled with warm water, perhaps with a few drops of passion-stirring essential oil. To such aromatomaslamotnosyat, for example, ylang-ylang.

The next stage is a gradual excitation. How to reach him, knows every woman who at least once explored the aerogenic zones. In order to relax, forget about the pressing problems and adjust to the intimate mood, you can turn on the music that causes pleasant memories, light and arrange candles.

Once a woman is sufficiently excited, you canPass to the next stage, namely, the introduction of a finger into the anal opening, which is desirable to smear with oil. But if you are in the bathroom, the water will serve as an excellent lubricant and will soften the penetration. It is extremely important at the same time to maintain an excited state, in which the introduction of one and then two fingers will be pleasant. Please note that in order to avoid injury, you will have to cut off your nails.

When a woman is excited so much that in the assFree two fingers, you can go to the vibrator. Note that heroism in this case will not lead to anything good, which means that even the smallest imitator will be enough.

Practice shows that not every womanThe first evening can get a bright orgasm from such penetration, but several evenings, held alone in the bathroom, will give a tremendous result.

Getting ready for anal sex with a partner

Numerous surveys show that fewMuznannotkazalas would be from anal sex, but even if you are sure that your husband or girlfriend wants to try anal sex, you should warn him in advance that you are ready for the most courageous experiments. In addition to moral readiness, the partner must understand that the anal muscle in its structure is significantly different from the vagina, and therefore before introducing into the ass member, it is necessary to prepare it.

In this case, both a woman and a man shouldTo realize that for the transition to anal caresses it is necessary to be excited. Often an excellent preparation can be traditional vaginal sex, in which the partner will be maximum excited. Another version of the development of events - a man makes cunnilingusey passes to anal caresses, under which the partner gradually relaxes.

When the ass was not less than two menFingers, and the woman does not feel discomfort at the same time, you can try to insert the penis gently and without any pressure, on which the condom was previously put on, lubricated with a special lubricant. Remember that in anal sex, the most important is patience and if from the first time you have failed, it does not matter, you can not stop at what has been achieved.

Rules of anal sex

And at last I would like to say a couple of words about what kind of rules should be followed to ensure that anal intimate relations are not upset, and the first experience did not become deplorable.


  • Overdimensional appointment should be some hygienic procedures, namely, to make an enema in order to clean the intestines - so you will be insured against possible embarrassments.
  • Do not cut your nails short;
  • 3) Prepare a condom and a special water-based lubricant in advance.

That's the whole simple list of rules, observing which you can rise to a new level of perception and immerse yourself in hitherto uncharted ocean sensations.

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