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People born in the year of the dragon

The dragon rarely gossips and hypocrites. In himself and in others he appreciates honesty above all. The dragon is very easy to trust people, so he is often deceived, enjoying his kindness and disinterestedness. The dragon is very worried when he finds out about deception.

Often people born in the year of the dragon areExcessively demanding of others. But they bring to people around them more than they demand. The dragon acts first and speaks, but only then thinks. Therefore, often gets into awkward situations. Despite this, the dragon's advice is always beneficial.

The dragon finds new hobbies very easily. He is a versatile person, he is attracted to absolutely everything. He is intelligent, well-read, versatile. This allows him to influence people, although the dragon rarely uses his influence, he is generous and disinterested by nature.

People born in the year of the dragon usually do not tolerateNeeds for life. They are able to reach great heights in any business. The dragon can connect his life with the scene, with the army, and with politics. In any life, he will shine and cause universal admiration. The dragon can connect his life with crime, but this will be given to him easily and with impunity. He conquers all life's obstacles.

As for love, the dragon rarely falls in loveFor real, so love feelings are alien to him. But he himself causes a storm of emotions in the opposite sex. Especially shine female dragons. Fans at them simply a dime a dozen.

A male dragon does not hurry with marriage and can evenLive all your life alone. The dragon likes a bachelor life without obligations. He even feels a certain need for solitude. Only alone can he relax and feel like a truly happy person.

The dragon has a complex character. He is often not understood by others, but he enjoys authority. Its success can be very great if it can direct its forces in the right direction. The dragon is often dissatisfied with himself.

The dragon is a symbol of brilliance and prosperity. But this does not mean that everything turns out for him the way he wants. The fact that everything falls right into his hands is just a myth invented by the envious of the dragon. It constantly shines with lights, but for this shine the dragon must make a lot of effort: mental and physical.

The life path of the dragon is complex and full of obstacles. Fate can lift the dragon high up, and then throw in the mud. The strength of the personality of people born in the year of the dragon is that they are able to rise from any dirt and again fly up. And so all my life. The dragon does not have constancy.

The choice of a life partner is a responsible decision forDragon, because the happiness in love for him is very important. The union of the dragon and the rat will be strong: falling in love with the dragon, the rat will be his devoted companion, she will be able to forgive the dragon all the insults and will calculate the budget from the money earned by the dragon. The snake dragon will admire and be proud. It is not a bad dragon to connect his life with a cock, as the cock will bow its head in front of the dragon and collect the crumbs of its success. The monkey will complement the dragon, in such a family there will be a minimum of quarrels and scandals. The monkey, moreover, will be able to teach the dragon to be cunning and sly, and she will gradually learn its strength, power and influence on people. They will badly need each other if they are to part.

The Dragon should not be chosen as a satelliteLife of the tiger, as the tiger will always disturb the serenity of the dragon, but even more unfortunate will be an alliance with a calm dog. The dragon does not accept pessimism and a real world view that are inherent in the character of the dog.

The first stage of the dragon's life is usually restless. His growing up and youth are stormy and rich. The dragon should avoid promiscuous sexual relations and bad companies. The second phase of life will bring the dragon success, ups and downs. The last phase of life will be very happy for the dragon, as he will be able to carry out everything he has planned.

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