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People born in the year of the rat

Rats have a temperament of choleric. But at the same time, they, like no one, know how to enjoy every moment lived. Their mood is optimistic, they always strive for better, for greater, often, inaccessible.

The rat constantly creates a mess around itself,Vanity, arguments, gossip, scandals. She needs a stormy social life. He likes noisy companies, meetings of friends, public meetings. The rat has few true friends, because it does not inspire people with confidence. He often gossips, curses people. But the rat himself considers himself an excellent friend, not trusting anyone but himself. By the way, in the personal life of a rat very rarely someone admits. All her secrets, worries, worries, she patiently stores in herself, with no one sharing them.

The rat of all things seeks to benefit fromYourself. She will not communicate with a person unless she sees the benefits of this communication, if he can not give her anything. She is able to make a big profit even for her charm and beauty. By the way, the charm of the rat does not hold, the rats are beautiful and charming by nature, and they will easily find a common language with any person.

Often rats are subject to gambling: Gambling, casino - these entertainment can grow into a real hard-to-treat disease for people born in the year of the rat. Rats can not stop in time in the game, whereas in all other cases it is very economical and prudent people. A rat always thinks for several decades ahead. It is very important for her to secure a decent and quiet old age.

Especially inclined to the accumulation of female rats. Often their accumulation reaches the point of absurdity. They either start looking for more and more ways to save the budget, or they are thinking about what would be done to get profit from it. However, the rat rarely gets involved in adventures, it is honest in front of people. If a rat lends money, it is also not disinterested.

A rat has an excellent imagination, she can create and create no matter what. A rat can give very smart and necessary advice.

With the help of his cunning, a rat can live offOthers, giving the impression that she is working hard. From the rats, brilliant "parasites" are obtained. They do well in politics, in show business. Whatever they choose, rats are better off doing mental work, not physical.

If a rat falls in love, then everything changes in herLife: a loved one she can give everything. Nothing changes the character of a rat like love. To her beloved she is unselfish, generous, will do the impossible for him. It is in love that the true nature of the rat, its generosity and self-giving is manifested. Often a rat falls in love unrequited. She can for many years seek a loved one, give him presents, take care of him, walk behind him with a "tail".

A successful union awaits a rat with a dragon, he willGive the rat strength to deal with difficulties. The bull will bring peace and confidence to the rat house. The monkey will be able to "twist the ropes" from the rat, if he can charm her with his charm. The rat does not come together with the horse. The egoist-horse will not tolerate the proprietorship of the rat.

Mature years of the rat are especially saturated. In this life period, a rat can be in prison, and get into an accident. All these life "traps" can be circumvented, if one is careful.

The old age of the rat will be calm and secured as much as the rat will apply to this effort in the years of maturity.

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