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Chinese horoscope for zodiac signs

Aries 21.03-20.04

Health. You have become unnecessarily emotional. Start taking a sedative. Job. The week is favorable for the start of new important cases and business trips. Recreation. Go out with your friends out of town.

Taurus 21.04-20.05

Love. Stars in a horoscope promise you an interesting meeting. Health. Can not lose weight? A friend will advise an excellent diet. Job. It's time to learn new technologies and apply this knowledge in practice. Recreation. If there is a chance to go abroad, do not hesitate to agree.

Gemini 21.05-21.06

Love. With the chosen one it's worth to be more sensitive.

Health. At the upcoming parties, give up alcohol and cigarettes. Job. Do not make important decisions. There is a chance of making a mistake. Recreation. Since the beloved is overwhelmed with work, devote free time to meetings with old friends.

Cancer 22.06-22.07

In the Chinese horoscope for the signs of the zodiac, you canFind a lot of useful information. Love. If you do not live with your boyfriend yet, it's time to fix it. Health. Now is a great time to start the healing procedures.

Job. Success in business will depend on your colleagues. You will learn how to work in a team. Recreation. This week is suitable for entertainment outside the home: go to the movies or to the theater.

Leo 23.07-23.08

Love. In your soul crept doubt? Call him on a frank conversation. Health. Make a bet on proper nutrition.

Job. Unplanned business trip is possible. Recreation. Pamper yourself with a trip to your favorite pastry shop or buy a book of recipes and cook the dessert yourself!

Virgo 24.08-22.09

Love. There is an especially favorable time in the horoscope for a romantic date. Health. Follow the state of the nervous system. Job. During the meetings and negotiations will have to use all his charm. Recreation. Walking through the forest and going to the sauna is the plan for the next weekend.

Libra 23.09-23.10

Love. Take care of the arrangement of your family nest. Health. To treat the most common cold should be taken carefully. Job. Weights will have the opportunity to improve their financial situation. Recreation. Take time to your older relatives.

Scorpio 24.10-22.11

Love. It seems that the conflict on the basis of jealousy can not be avoided for the representative of this sign of the zodiac. Health. If the street is not very cold, resume morning runs. Job. To stay in the team, you have to loudly declare yourself.

Recreation. Not enough sun and heat? Then first go to the pool, and then sunbathe in the solarium.

Sagittarius 23.11-21.12

Love. Representatives of the sign of the zodiac - archers will think about getting married. Health. The cause of your ailments is a banal overwork. Job. Now you are ready for much. And it is unlikely that someone will be able to prevent you from achieving your goal. Recreation. Wait for an invitation to the theater premiere.

Capricorn 22.12-20.01

Love. Maybe we should start with a clean slate. Health. There may be problems with bronchi. Job. Be careful: just a few rash words are enough to make enemies. Recreation. Finally, there is an opportunity to take up vacation planning.

Aquarius 21.01-19.02

Love. A twisted novel is unlikely to last more than two months for this sign of the zodiac. Health. You're in great shape! Forget about diets. Job. This week for Aquarius is the time of important victories. Finally there will be a chance to realize their ambitions. Recreation. It is better to spend a weekend at home with your loved one.

Pisces 20.02-20.03

Most of the week Pisces will be successfulCope with business projects, household chores, and solve other people's problems. If you feel that you can not do it, ask for help from your chosen one.

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