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Squirting or female ejaculation

The essence of this process is the following, inThe process of orgasm from the urethra is the release of a jet of fluid, which is accompanied by more acute impressions in the process of obtaining satisfaction by a woman.

It should be taken into account that the liquid released inTime of squirting, is not urine, tk. Very often this process is considered involuntary urination. This liquid has a rather viscous consistency, practically odorless and is white-transparent. The smell can be present, but it is believed that it varies and depends on the cycle. There is an opinion that squirt is allocated to some of the glands, which is a kind of female analogue of the prostate of men, but this opinion does not yet have a scientific and medical explanation.

However, one can say with a high degree of certainty,That female "ejaculation" is directly related to the point G, which is located on the front wall of the vagina. To find the point G, you need to hold your fingers in the area of ​​the anterior wall of the vagina and find a slightly rough area there.

In order for a woman to reach orgasm,Accompanied by squirting, it is necessary to produce rhythmic pressure on the point G. For a woman, this will be accompanied by initially small painful sensations, passing in the urge to urinate, to replace which will come a bright, strong orgasm with squirt.

A bit of history.
Early references to this feature of the femaleOrgasm is mentioned in ancient Indian tracts of erotic orientation, the most popular of which is the Kamasutra. In addition, in ancient Indian temples it is not uncommon to find images that show the process of squirting.

Also the mention of squirting is found in the erotic literature of ancient China.

About squirting, there was an opinion from the Greek andRoman scholars, who considered this phenomenon to be the norm. Even Hippocrates did not bypass this process with his attention, arguing that the liquid allocated in this way has the ability to fertilize.

But there are other scientific opinions, so in the XIX centuryPsychiatrist Krafft-Ebing, the opinion was expressed that the process of female "ejaculation" indicates a woman's neurasthenia and her propensity for homosexuality. This opinion was also supported by Z. Freud, who believed that squirting was connected with hysteria.

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the division of opinionson this issue, some scientists believed that this phenomenon is normal, and even in 1948, a study was conducted, as a result of which even the Skin glands were even found. Others have stayed with the fact that this phenomenon simply does not exist.

Unambiguous explanation and justification for thisphenomenon does not exist to this day, scientists have not come to a common opinion either about the cause of squirting, or about the composition of the liquid released during this process.

How to achieve such a vivid orgasm?
Orgasm with squirt can experience absolutely anya woman, basically it depends on her ability to relax as much as possible and be given in the hands of her partner, who also does not interfere with some preparation, or the right mood.

There are two ways to achieve this kind of orgasm:
The first is called the "luring" method. In this method, the partner must enter two fingers into the vagina of his partner, while bending them slightly. And then start producing them movements that resemble those that lure someone. This should be done slowly, smoothly and at the same time rhythmically, pressing your fingers on the front wall (the one that is closer to the stomach) of the partner's vagina, whose sensations will prompt the necessary speed and intensity of movements. The main thing is that the partner is maximally relaxed and straining the muscles of the vagina in order to achieve maximum effect.

The second method is very similar to the first, but here the "bait" movements need to be changed to circular ones, which stimulate the point G.

It is possible that both methods will work for you, and it is possible that only one of the two will help to achieve the maximum effect. Whatever it was to try them definitely worth it!
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