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Astrological horoscope by date of birth


April is a productive and successful month. You are open to new ideas and coping with many tasks. Financial affairs will be especially good. However, in the last decade, be prepared for unexpected expenditure. You may need to postpone the planned purchases. However, it will not be necessary to tighten the belt.


All is remarkable, except one: Mercury can sharpen your craving for gastronomic delights. Try to keep yourself in hand - it's summer, and you do not need extra pounds.

Aries Male


Not only that the stellar influences of the astrologicalHoroscope by the date of birth will make Aries extremely loving and addicted, they will also exacerbate their proprietary instincts. So do not even think of flirting in front of your boyfriend, he is already ready to be jealous of you even to the lamp post!


Aries will start the month at supersonic speeds, butTheir fuse will quickly run out, and nothing will remain, like to reduce gas. Simply Mercury changes direction, which is accompanied by annoying delays and inconsistencies.


They tend to generously dispose of their energy,Naively believing that "this music will be eternal". If you do not want your Aries to be exhausted by the middle of the month, make sure that it is properly resting and eating well.

Sagittarius (date of birth April 21 - May 20)


As it is sung in the famous song, "life began to flow according to the spring laws". And all because Venus will spend almost a whole month in your sign - now you just "from love do not go anywhere"!


Not everything is as it should be. Especially in the third decade. To avoid problems, be as careful and punctual as possible. And do not doubt yourself - otherwise your chance will be taken by someone else.


Deficiency of vitamins can be aggravated by emotional instability and irritability. Try to control your words and actions.

Gemini (date of birth May 21 - June 21)


You have never been an adept of a quiet, measuredLife, the note of the whirlwind of events and the storm of emotions that you are prepared for in April, will surpass all expectations. Let you like extreme, but beware of ambiguous situations.


Financial appetites will have to moderate a little. You need to have available funds.


The stars will provide you with a huge charge of energy, so that there will always be enough energy for everything. However, give yourself time to rest and do not neglect the vitamins.


Do not forget about the interests and needs of your second half, otherwise claims in his part can not be avoided.


Prepare for the labor feat - you will have to work very much and intensively.

Physical exercise, rational nutrition and high-grade sleep will help maintain high performance during the astrological horoscope by the date of birth. Be especially careful while driving.

Leo (date of birth July 22 - August 23)

Mars firmly established in your sign will require the release of accumulated energy. But even a banal dispute with a loved one can lead to conflict. Keep your emotions under control!

Here the energy of Mars is at hand. Just do not be distracted by the small, so as not to miss the big one. And it's better to finish this long before the 19th.

All will be well, if you do not test yourself for strength with various excesses,

Virgo (date of birth August 24 - September 23)


You do not know - a series of fleeting novels, a host of admirers. The stars, however, warn: there must be certainty - otherwise wait for embarrassments and embarrassing situations.


At work appreciate your enthusiasm and as a "punishment" for initiative will be invited to participate in the new project. True, the rewards will have to wait.


Your motto: instead of a cigarette - jogging, instead of a cake - an apple, instead of sadness - an optimistic mood.

Libra (date of birth September 24 - October 23)


Your relationship with your beloved has become cool and tense. In order not to bring the situation to a critical point, do not postpone a frank conversation. The stars will prompt the right words.


Pursuing several goals at once, you run the risk of being left with nothing. Decide what is really important and necessary for you.

More often meet with friends, relax and walk outdoors - this will help to fight stress.

Scorpio (date of birth October 24 - November 22)

Do not punish yourself for past mistakes. Remember: you need to live here and now.

Abstain from large expenditures and in general from any cases involving large amounts of money. Do not give or take a loan and pay all bills on time.

Stars recommend you to beware of colds. Temper, exercise, take vitamins.

Sagittarius (date of birth November 23 - December 21)

Much will depend on your ability to change tactics of behavior. Relationships can easily be transformed from friendly to more intimate, and vice versa.

In this area, you have completely new prospects. Try to enter into the trust to the authorities, demonstrating your loyalty, and never escaping the instructions.

There is a concern that the nervous atmosphere is not the bestWill affect your psychological state, provoking insomnia or drowsiness. Respond in a timely manner to the signals sent by your body.

Capricorn (date of birth December 22 - January 20)

Lack of attention fromThe opposite sex is not expected. But in April, even the most innocuous flirting can destroy existing relationships. Before you do something, think twice.

It's easy to feel like a third-party observer-they go on their own, not depending on your actions and efforts. Take advantage of this to replenish your intellectual baggage.

If doctors are unable to make an accurate diagnosis, it may be worthwhile to turn to a psychologist.

Aquarius (date of birth January 21-February 19)

The spring sun makes you absolutely irresistible in the eyes of men. However, do not take the initiative and respond to their courtship. Take a closer look at the applicants and choose the best.

On how well you debug your professional life in the first half of the month, it will depend on what you will come to its end. Make the most important steps until the 19th day.

You will feel fine, and no discomforts you are not terrible.

Pisces (date of birth: 20 February - 20 March)

April will please you with a revival on the romantic front. Accept invitations, make new acquaintances.

In recent months, you have been sorely lacking time for something important that would help move your career from a dead center. In the first half of April, there will be a chance to catch up.

It's time to take care of yourself, while the amount collected over the winter did not become a real problem.

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