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Year of the tiger for the born in the year of the tiger

First of all, this year requires a larger tigerDiscipline, than he usually displays. Spitfire and impetuosity will not lead to anything good. Tiger will succeed in the work, but only if you learn to control yourself.

From the tigers are excellent leaders,Politicians, and chiefs. In order to occupy such important tiger positions, one must learn to think, and only after that shout: "Forward!" The Tigers are sometimes reckless, recklessly risk, and then bitterly regret their hindsight.

Tigers in the year of the tiger are more attractive than ever. They, like a magnet, attract others. This attraction gives the tiger some power over people, for his personal charm people respect him. Even if the behavior of the tiger does not fit into the framework of general morality, no one dares to say it in person. In the year of the tiger, even his enemies will admire him.

Tiger will achieve great success if he willThink carefully and carefully weigh all decisions made. This applies to both major cases and trivialities, since there is a chance this year to lose on small things. But do not postpone the adoption of an important decision until the case is completed. It is best to do everything in a timely and without haste. For the sake of successful completion of their affairs, the tiger sacrifices everything: its time, health, communication with the family. Stubborn and meticulous, he always has ill-wishers and often conflicts with people. The tiger trusts only itself and no one else. This year, indeed, it is better to rely only on one's own strength.

For the tiger, there are no escape routes, hePrefers to always move forward. If a tiger does not occupy the post of chief or leader, then, usually, he reluctantly reconciles himself to power over himself and often revolts, which leads to the fact that he is forced to often change his place of work. As for work, the tiger is a versatile person, his vocation is to lead, if not someone, then at least himself. A tiger can be a warlord or a particularly dangerous criminal.

Money and material values ​​for a tiger do not matter. But this year the tiger will have a stable cash income and no shortage of funds is expected.

Tiger is not only a warrior-conqueror, he is alsoThinker, philosopher. He loves long reflections when no one disturbs him. Can think of something at night all the while, and in the morning get up fresh and rested. The tiger has an exceptional destiny, because it is not ordinary, nothing can be expected from it, since it is absolutely unpredictable in its actions and actions.

In love, the tiger is passionate and affectionate. He looks after the object of his passions for a long time and persistently. Accustomed to pursue his own, the tiger does not tolerate refusal and "finishes" the victim to the last. Tiger has many love adventures in his life, but rarely he is satisfied in love, because he always wants something more than what he has. This year the tiger has a chance to make pleasant acquaintances.

Youth and youth of the tiger are usually calm. But the mature years bring problems, both personal and career, financial. But without these problems the tiger would get bored and fell into depression. Activity is very important for a tiger. This year, the tiger will be able to avoid all the traps that have set his life for him, but one should beware of obvious dangers.

Tiger is a very lucky person. Often the tiger is considered a real darling of fate. The house of the tiger is reliably protected from thieves and from a fire.

Despite the fact that, in general, the year of the tiger for the tigerWill be restless, all the changes in life will benefit him if he is cautious. His affairs will receive an unusual and unforeseen outcome. On the personal front, changes are also expected. This is the year of change, revolution, coup. You can make repairs, renovate housing - all changes will benefit. The main protection of the tiger this year is the sun, you can buy a talisman in the form of a sun or a five-pointed star and carry it with you.

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