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Sexual activity in women

It was revealed that the sexual libido manifests itself explicitlyActivity in the warm period of the year, especially in spring and with the onset of summer. In autumn and winter, the female body falls asleep, it's time for depression and depression. This state of the body is due to hormonal changes, seasonally dependent. According to statistics, in spring, the total number of extramarital pregnancies increases 4 times compared with other seasons.

Women under amtefatamines to sex: how?

Not the least role on the sexualThe girl's activity is played by her age. During puberty, the desire to have sex is present almost constantly. The peak of sexual activity falls on the age of 17-22 years. By the time when the final maturity comes and the production of hormones decreases, the female body returns to a normal state. From this moment, the desire for sex will depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle. With age, changes in the body of women lead to the onset of menopause. This period is accompanied by an unstable emotional state, the sexual functions disappear.

It is shown that the man experiences the strongestSexual attraction in the morning. Perhaps this is due to dreams of an erotic nature. During the night the hormone testosterone accumulates in the body and in the morning its level reaches the highest values ​​in comparison with the other time of the day.

The woman, on the contrary, experiences sexualAttraction in the main evening - around 22-23 hours. The man by this time becomes tired, the desire to have sex in these hours disappears completely. But the twilight of the night can find a compromise between partners, and sex will take place.

It was revealed that the particularly acute desire of menWomen experience in the days before the onset of menstruation. During this period, many women wake up with a thirst for sex and fall asleep with the same desire. The last phase of the menstrual cycle, the period after menstruation, proceeds in this respect calmly and peacefully. Such an outburst of sexual desire explains emotions and irritability in the PMS syndrome, which is already familiar to men. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, women are also predisposed to sex, but calmly react and to his absence.

On the sexual life of women, albeit in lessDegree, affect the nature and temperament. Some women are peaceful and calm, and others are too passionate. It is said that the signs of the Zodiac, the phases of the planet and the moon govern the character and even the behavior of women.

Sexual activity of women depends onFeatures of their body, as well as coherence of character. It should be noted that much depends on her sexual partner. A man can significantly affect a woman: relax, arouse her, or, conversely, put out the desire to have sex. A man who does not understand this can wake up such sexual facets in a woman that she did not suspect.

There are products that stimulate sexualactivity. Do not think that sexuality can be enhanced only by exotic snails and other aphrodisiacs. For good sexual activity it is enough to stick to the right diet. Unrefined vegetable oil, animal fats are necessary for the body, but in limited quantities. Enrich your diet with sea fish, as it contains a large number of fatty acids, beneficial to the body, both women and men.

Sexual activity helps to preserve nuts,Seeds, cereals, vegetables and fruits. It is better to give up eating unhealthy foods, which include fast food, flour pastry, sugar, white bread. It is recommended to exercise, to maintain the body in good condition.

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