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How to choose a talisman stones for yourself

Using stones as talismansIs very well known. For example, there are so many silica that you can always pick a pebble from the category of precious or semiprecious stones. Any flint is worn to protect against harmful influences, illness, radiation, it gives the owner confidence, firmness. The monthly protection system is associated with the reflection of particularly harmful effects this month.

The silica of the month.

January - amethyst, obsidian, pink quartz.

February - amethyst, falcon eye, onyx.

March is jasper, chrysolite, heliotrope.

April - jasper, amethyst, carnelian, rock crystal.

May - agate, pink quartz, carnelian, chrysoprase.

June - agate, tiger's eye, onyx.

July - onyx, chrysoprase, carnelian.

August - carnelian, sardonyx, rock crystal.

September - chrysolite, rhinestone, agate.

October - cat's eye, chrysolite, topaz.

November - topaz, carnelian, sardonyx.

December - chalcedony, topaz, onyx, chrysoprase.

Iron is often used as amulets andTalismans. Through iron remove excess energy or send aside evil energy. So, in a jamb of a door a needle or a needle is stuck out. At the same time against the alleged enemy direct all the sharp. To give sharp, iron objects is impossible, so as not to attract a quarrel, enmity, an attack.

The horse's iron horseshoe, found on the road,Brings happiness to the person and protects him from misfortune. Nailed to the threshold by the open side outward, it protects the house from witchcraft, thieves. More often such a horseshoe hang above the front door of the house. The devil, who usually walks in a circle, is forced to rush from one end to the other, for the circle is torn.

The lock and key were used as amulets stopping heavy bleeding: for this, a padlock was locked and blood flowed down the arch.

A magnet has always been considered a strong talisman for many peoples to attract love.

The lock was locked after the return of the youngChurch, and the key was thrown into the well. These items were used to protect livestock. Knowledge of conspiracies and spells was the main condition when hiring a shepherd. At the end of the magical plots it sounded: "The key and the lock are mine!"

Stones are talismans.


Wealth - amethyst, carnelian, chrysoprase, topaz

Cheerfulness - amethyst, rock crystal

Beauty - amethyst, opal, topaz

Strength - agate, jasper, garnet, emerald, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline

Happiness - amethyst, opal, carnelian, topaz, jasper

Good luck - amethyst, rock crystal, topaz

Fun - beryl, pomegranate, emerald, sapphire, spinel


Longevity - agate, heliotrope, carnelian

Travel safety - agate, amethyst, rhinestone, chalcedony

Friendship, cheerfulness - topaz, gagat

Health - agate, aquamarine, alexandrite, beryl, heliodor, garnets, jadeite, emerald, lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, topaz, spinel

Execution of desires - rock crystal

Mutual love - rock crystal, cat's eye, carnelian, topaz, chalcedony

Attention to man - agate, heliotrope, carnelian

The gift of foresight is amethyst, rock crystal

Early life - Amazonite

Strong dream - grenades, emerald, lapis lazuli, ruby

Should be worn:

For eloquence - carnelian

From nightmares - rock crystal, amethyst

From the machinations of enemies - carnelian, eye chrysolite

From treason - carnelian, sardonyx, cat's eye

From evil and evil fate - agate, amethyst, carnelian, topaz

For purification of water - agate, carnelian, sardonyx, chalcedony

From sadness and anguish - jasper, gagat

From freezing - rock crystal

From magic, anger - amethyst, gagat

From trouble and danger, attempt, evil eye - agate, eye stones. Kunzite is the children's mascot


From nightmares and fears - ruby, sapphire, topaz, gagat

From the attack of animals - jasper, eye quartz

From poverty - carnelian

From theft - tiger's eye, cat's eye

From care - rhinestone, chalcedony

From misfortune - carnelian

From poisons - agate, jasper. Immersed in the poison, the ruby ​​changes color

Picking up the talisman stones, one should remember the main thing: this thing should belong to only one person! Talismans can not be given, buy, or, God forbid, steal.

Stones for good dreams.

Put under the pillow:

• rock crystal - if the child jumps in a dream;

• Amethyst - for insomnia, a quiet sleep will come with good dreams;

• "eye stones" - help with insomnia,Depression, relieve fatigue and irritability, but these stones should not be under the pillow, but on the body (beads, ring, or just keep in hand). If you place an eye stone under the pillow on the 18th lunar day, you will see a prophetic sleep warning. Lazurite - with insomnia; Moonstone - with insomnia in the new moon and full moon.

Wards for the house.

Piece of limestone or Labrador Will not let you affect anything unkind, if, put it at the doorstep of the house.

Marble Will create a quiet atmosphere in the house if you place its small pieces in the corners of the room and on the windowsill.

Seashell On the table takes negative effects,Wishes of evil, aggressiveness directed against the owners, and does not let out. The sink also keeps a memory of everything that is said out loud in the house. The sink on the TV or computer protects not worse than the pyramid.

Granite Is a stone of mind, knowledge, in a house finished with granite, a friendly family will live. It is put between the windows, near the walls, at the door.

Diabase Strengthens relations in the family, placed in the kitchen under the dining table.

In Italy, above the door or window hang Stones with holes - from witchcraft.

In France they believed that witches were afraid Salt, And scattered the salt in the four corners of the house and the four corners of the pasture.

Labrador - contains calcium, used as limestone.

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