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Lunar calendar 2010: the phases of the moon

18th lunar day

For this lunar calendar of 2010, the phases of the moonIs characterized by a rapid change of events: do not plan for today anything serious - you can get unexpected results. Go on a trip with friends, go to a museum or theater. If something unpleasant happens, take it as a life lesson.

00: 25-the beginning of the 19th lunar day

Today you can easily get confused both in the relationship withPeople, and in their own feelings. Clearly analyze what is happening, try to get rid of illusions and negativity. Set yourself up exclusively for a positive attitude! Walking in nature is useful.

1:28 - the beginning of the 20-day-long day

Happiness and luck can smile to you - if youConfident in themselves and their business. A good time to determine the goal, build plans. The energy of the day will help you find your core. It is advisable to give up meat. It is good to cleanse the body of starvation or mono-diet.

2:19 - the beginning of the 21st lunar day

Day of active action: You can get a new job, change your profession, move forward - everything will be successful. The right time for entrepreneurship, the conclusion of contracts, the acquisition of property. Avoid a heavy load on your knees - they are vulnerable today.

2:59 - the beginning of the 22nd lunar day

It is worth to do self-education: Information on this day is easily absorbed, you can learn a lot of interesting and useful. Read, go to exhibitions, to the theater, communicate with interesting people. Do not forget about children, because they also tend to knowledge - you can explain a lot to them.

3:29 - the beginning of the 23rd lunar day

Critical day

Today even on an even place can ariseConflicts during the lunar calendar of 2010, the moon phase. Try to avoid places of mass congestion, do not let yourself be dragged into finding out the relationship: it is fraught with a significant loss of strength. It is advisable to adhere to a vegetarian diet.

3:53 - the beginning of the 24th lunar day

Do not be passive - the energy of the day has a bigForce and requires implementation. Physical activities are necessary: ​​take up dancing, running, yoga. It is especially good to do exercises in the park, the forest, near the pond - nature will necessarily share with you its strength.

4:13 - the beginning of the 25th lunar day

One of the best days for dating, as well as meetingsWith old friends. It is useful to relax your body and soul, forgetting for a while about cares. You can not abuse drugs-use the tools of traditional medicine. The day is absolutely not suitable for piercing ears.

4:29 - the beginning of the 26-day-long day

Critical day

Be legible in contacts: Communicate only by intuition and sympathy. Do not fuss, talk too much, show vanity and pride. On this day in conversation you just lose energy. The day is suitable for recreation, internal work. Visit the sauna.

4:45 - the beginning of the 27th lunar day

Try to spend this day in active communication: In solitude, melancholy and melancholy can be piled up. Together with friends today you can solve the most complex creative tasks. It is good to go on a trip. Water procedures are useful. It is better to give up alcohol.

5:00 - the beginning of the 28th lunar day

Try to be in high spirits. Get rid of everything that prevents your development: from negative thoughts, emotions, relationships and even things. Fateful decisions are not recommended. Visit to a hairdresser and a dentist is better to postpone for another time.

5: 15-beginning of the 29th lunar day

This is one of the most unfavorable days of the lunarMonth. Do not succumb to provocation! It is not necessary to start new affairs - it is better to repay debts, to break off a painful relationship, to engage in house and housekeeping. Surgical interventions in the head area are not recommended.

5: 33/15: 29

Use the 30th lunar day, whichAre not every month, to summarize, forgive and restore harmony. With the onset of the first lunar day, you can make plans for the coming month. It is good to spend a day on a diet or starve.

5:54 - the beginning of the 2 nd lunar day

To live this day, excludingExcessive desires: you should not want everything at once. It is better to show generosity, to give gifts. It is good to start a cycle of physical exercises, to begin improving practices. It is useful to sit on a diet, and also go to the bath.

6: 20-beginning of the 3rd lunar day

It's time to implement plans and desires,Moreover, the energy of the day promotes activity and movement. Passivity can turn into irritability, excessive filthiness to others. Go to the gym, but better choose the nature.

6:55 - the beginning of the 4th lunar day

The day is associated with obtaining and understanding information. You can find a thing that has long been lost, or get news about the person you are looking for. The main thing is a positive attitude and belief in yourself. It is very good for the whole family to visit nature, stroll through the spring forest.

7:40 the beginning of the 5th lunar day

The energy of these lunar days must beTransform into joy and creativity. Plan for cardinal changes in life, make important decisions - the day contributes to their implementation. Today you can treat yourself to something delicious without any consequences.

8:38 - the beginning of the 6th lunar day

It's better to spend a day with your family,Ordinary, but such important household chores as washing, cleaning. Today, sensitivity and vulnerability can become aggravated - avoid emotional outbursts. Stay at the water (rivers, lakes) will balance the state.

9:48 - the beginning of the 7th lunar day

If there is a desire to throw emotions onSurrounding - do not rush. On these lunar days, everything that has been said becomes very powerful, so think carefully before you say anything. Pay attention to the lungs - you can catch a cold. Food should be of high quality. It is better to refuse meat.

11:06 the beginning of the 8th lunar day

On this day spontaneousDecisions, so that you can act by instinct. It is worth thinking about your life, summarizing, determining your desires. Go to the museum to the exhibition, to the theater. A good time for a haircut: the hair will become lush and quickly grow back.

12:28 - beginning of the 9th lunar day

Energy of these lunar days adversely affectsPer person. Beware of showing selfishness and pride - this can lead to undesirable consequences. Keep harmony and balance. Do not start new things - dedicate the day to everyday work.

13:51 - The beginning of the 10th lunar day

Energy can be beaten by a fountain - point it atA creative channel. Take care of family affairs, improvement of the home, pay attention to parents. Today, conflicts are easily resolved. Be sensitive and altruistic. Keep track of the quality and quantity of food.

15:14 - the beginning of the 11th lunar day

Collection and attentiveness are simply necessary inThese lunar day. The day awakens in us huge natural forces and they need to be able to cope. Do not expose yourself to increased stress. It is good to treat skin diseases, to carry out cosmetic procedures.

16:37 - the beginning of the 12th lunar day

This is a day of reconciliation and harmony. Be merciful and compassionate, avoid quarrels and negative thoughts. The marriage concluded on this day will be successful. Favorable time to start treatment for colds. From alcohol, coffee and strong tea is better to refuse.

17:59 the beginning of the 13th lunar day

Meetings with friends, solving joint problems,The exchange of information will be fruitful. If situations from the past recur, it is worthwhile to think about and find your own mistakes. It is not recommended to starve. Rejuvenation processes are activated: visit the sauna.

19:22 - the beginning of the 14th lunar day

Do not act under the influence of the moment- in a heat you can chop firewood. It is worth listening to the advice and recommendations of friends and family. It is good to start new business - there is a good chance of their successful completion. Dancing, yoga, running will warn melancholy.

20:44 - First of the 15th lunar day

Full moon 15:18 Critical day. Perhaps a state of nervous tension, as well as sudden mood swings. Gather with the spirit and use it as an opportunity to work on yourself. Do not plan important things and meetings. Try to stay calm.

22:01 - the beginning of the 16th lunar day

Haste and vanity today to anything. It is better not to take part in crowded events - unexpected emotional outbursts are possible. Tranquility and contemplation will bring good results: insights, new creative solutions.

23:11 - the beginning of the 17th lunar day

On this day, positive emotions can be beatenA fountain - do not lose your head! Go with friends on a trip or on an excursion - in every way expand your horizons. A great time for business communication, negotiations, but do not make final decisions.

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