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The meaning of the name Stanislav

Stanislav - quite often unbalanced,Responsive, irritable, but yielding. In a sense, he is unlucky, because he often does wrong things. His weakness is beautiful women. Although he can not be called decisive, he can skilfully hide it. In general, his character is not simple.

By temperament, a choleric person who alwaysIs in the process of boiling. He loves and appreciates only the pleasant aspects of life for him. He urgently needs to communicate with the society. Foreign influence is not subject to, and almost always lives in its rich inner world, often stubborn. Volitional (one of its main features), but it manifests itself only in atypical conditions, even extreme ones. He is capable of sacrificing his dreams if he is carried away by something, self-assured, reacts to failure with calmness and without anger. If something does not work out, then it always blames someone else. We are excited, but only at moments when it is necessary to amuse the environment.

With regard to professional activities,His path he chooses himself. Among the Stanislavs are good businessmen and businessmen, military doctors, farmers and veterinarians. Close contact with reality is the basis for choosing his path. From a young age Stanislav knows what occupation will be the most important in his life, what profession he will have. To say that he has no intuition is impossible, but it manifests itself in the form of a premonition. Although in practice he is guided by reason. He has a synthetic mindset, he is not deprived of intelligence. To delve into the details of the matter does not like, prefers to look at the problem as a whole. A good speaker, who does not mind eloquence on occasion.

The proprietor, therefore to all adds "washing": "" My car, "" my idea, "etc., is slightly arbitrary, believing that everything around him belongs to him. In situations where he believes that someone does not understand him, he can be offended, while he does not even try to understand someone himself. Morality is not the first in its list of human values, although it is important for him. In relations with women, it can not be considered reliable. He can easily adapt to the circumstances, while always remembering the rules of decency and morality.

His sexuality has no limits: He is always ready to satisfy his desire. Sexual life usually begins early and she, by the way, is very violent. Achieving his goal, he goes ahead, which often ends with psychological problems. Between his actions and desires lies a huge abyss.

In general, this is a charming and nice person. Cheerful, sociable, very witty interlocutor. Do not mind to eat delicious food and treat your friends. For him, comfort is very important, he is looking for a pleasant and easy life.

"Winter" men - smart, resourceful and humorous. Sometimes it's hot-tempered and it's not correct. They are good leaders, designers and architects.

Men born in autumn have a goodEducation, and therefore are able to make an impression, including their delicacy, they are charming and balanced. The most suitable profession for them: an economist, a businessman, an entrepreneur.

Suitable patronymic: Mikhailovich, Valerievich, Sergeevich, Viktorovich, Mironovich, Petrovich, Alekseevich, Valentinovich.

The "spring" Stanislaus are windy, they are able to deceive. Appearance they give much more time than ordinary men do. Love failures are difficult to endure.

Men born in the summer can be described as carefree hilarious people who immensely love the female society and are looking for sexual adventures.

For men born in summer and in spring, the following professions are suitable: artist, artist, director, teacher.

Suitable patronymics for them: Aleksandrovich, Stepanovich, Rubenovich, Dmitrievich, Kazimirovich, Timurovich.

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