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Astrological forecast for 2010 for lions

Astro forecast from 21.04 to 20.05

Leo 23.07 - 23.08

Talisman of the month: golden topaz.

Favorable days: April 23, 3, 8, May 18.

Difficult days: 21, 28 April, 14, 20 May.

Priority of interests: professional development.

Love and Sex for lions

From 21 to 30 April. April 22, you run the risk of running into the conflict through your own fault, it's better not to take the initiative. On April 23, the conflict that began may turn into a protracted confrontation for the whole day. The next days the situation will be smoothed out. The best time for romantic meetings is April 30. From 1 to 10 May.

May 1, despite the general tense situation and the desire to dictate your conditions, you can relax and feel loved.

May 6 in order to avoid a quarrel with your belovedTry to find out the relationship. May 7-8 is a good time for sexual relations. May 9, avoid talking to a partner on material topics. From 11 to 20 May.

Since May 12, it will be easier for everyone, and for you -special. May 15, your activity will finally be constructive, and you will cease to portray yourself as a "family commander." May 15-17 are special days when you look at your relationship with a new look, which, incidentally, will be immediately noticed by your chosen one. May 19-20 again need to keep oneself in hand, there is a danger of conflict.

Romantic date. Your energy requires immediate exit during the astrological forecast for lions for 2010, so you can start the meeting at a sports show or stadium, where there is an opportunity to shout at the top of your voice. And continue-in the nightclub, the main thing - that the music was loud, and the lights - bright.

Family for lions

The consequence of your hyperactivity is thatIt will not be easy for you to find a common language with your family members. There are expenses related to the house. Favorable days for family communication - April 28 and 29, but it is possible that in the conversation again there will be contradictions between your career and family responsibilities. April 30, and especially on May 1, dedicate to children - arrange a small holiday. May 2 be objective in relation to the child, try not to disrupt your emotions on it. May 5 is ideal for discussing important issues with your spouse, and on May 6 you risk provoking a conflict.

Rest for lions

This month, when the work will require of youA lot of time and effort, try to use every free minute for good, often go out into the open air and do more exercise. For a short trip, April 26 and 27 are suitable, and a long journey can begin on May 10-11.

Place of power. Spend a festive day with the whole family in the park of culture and recreation. Go into the room of laughter. This will give you a huge charge of energy, because it has long been proven that laughter prolongs life.

Work and Money for lions

Until May 12 in your career will occurPreparatory processes, it is necessary to return to the past experience, but after this date everything will go much faster and in the right direction. Remember, this month is in many respects decisive, and success depends on your personal activity. A very important day for a career - on May 14, there are likely cardinal changes for the better. May 3-4, you can without stress tinker with a lot of routine work. The financial situation is stable, but it will be necessary to show more practicality and economy, investing only in the essentials.

Buying a month. A beautiful set of bed linen - let the nights become even more beautiful than the day!

Energy and Harmony for lions

Urgently in the gym! Put all the energy and ardor in sports achievements. I want movement and activity. Now everything is on your shoulder. The main thing is to feel the measure of your strength.

You can go on a trip. Far countries are waiting for you, buy. Refuse bad habits. Take care of health and inner harmony.

The source of positive for lions

Have you ever wondered why some peopleAchieve so much in life? It's all about the rightly formulated life problem. Set as grand goals as possible - and, of course, achieve your goal. So you can increase your self-esteem and develop a sustainable positive attitude to life. Conquering the next peak - professional, vital, personal, do not forget to praise yourself, emphasizing all your strengths and strengths. If you have done a good job, there is no bragging about it.

Pleasant trifles. Decoration or set with semi-precious stones.

Your Favorite Leo

Love. Communicate with your beloved in this month will not be easy. He simply can not hear anyone's opinion, except his own. Your Leo is active, determined, sometimes even militantly, forgetting that women need warmth and affection. Suffer, soon everything will change.

Tone for lions
. He's in great shape. Any turmoil and conflict, on the contrary, give you the opportunity to feel your own strength. You can get on a diet and change your way of life to a healthy one on April 24-25, from May 3-4 - start a series of sporting events, better than power forms, to splash out excess aggression.

Finance for lions. The financial situation will be somewhat more tense than last month, but there will be enough money for serious long-term projects, it will be difficult to find funds only for fun and entertainment. Risk and perform operations with other people's money can be May 8.

Work for lions
. This month is extremely important for hisProfessional advancement, career, business development, especially after May 12. May 14, most likely, a final decision will be made on promotion or change of work for a more worthy one. Routine does not threaten him.

Friends for lions
. Until May 12, communication with friends will be difficultfor different reasons. On May 15 and 16, friends can be gathered, although the meeting will require additional expenses, which is now difficult for him. But there is an opportunity to discuss constructively the business and career issues with a friend.

Leisure for lions. Free time is best to devote to active rest-sports, walks around the city or trips to nature. Far travel can be hampered only by financial constraints.

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