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Venereal diseases in women

What are the common signs of sexually transmitted diseases in women?

Venereal diseases are different. Each of the diseases has its signs, but despite this, most of the signs for all infections of this group are common. Without the participation of a specialist, it is difficult to diagnose a disease. It is very important to know the general symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases so that a woman can turn to a specialist in time and start treatment on time.

To the venereologist it is necessary to address in the following cases.

  • If the appearance of a woman due to unusual vaginal discharge. These secretions can be green, yellow, gray, foamy, with pus, bloody, with an unpleasant pungent odor.
  • If there were redness, irritation, swelling of the genitals.
  • If there is a rash all over the body, on the external genitalia, on the mucous membranes of the mouth and vagina.
  • If the menstrual cycle is broken.

Also to the common signs of sexually transmitted diseasesInclude: pain in the rectum, education in the anus, frequent urge to urinate, pain when urinating, perspiration and sore throat. Also, an increase in lymph nodes, a low-grade or elevated body temperature. It is necessary to know that many signs of sexually transmitted diseases depend on how or by what route the infection has occurred (vaginal, oral or anal), since bacteria affect those organs and tissues that are implanted.

What are the symptoms of different sexually transmitted diseases in women?

The venous lymphogranuloma has the followingSymptoms. In a place where the infection has implanted, a bubble or tubercle arises - it may even not be seen, as it quickly disappears. After a few weeks, women have an increase in the lymph nodes of the small pelvis. These nodes become painful, thicken, merge with each other. Above the lymph nodes the skin acquires a red shade, sometimes to a cyanotic red. After a while, the nodes are cleared and pus is released.

Chlamydia is manifested by a lack of appetite, pains in the lower abdomen during sexual intercourse and urination, abundant vaginal discharge (sometimes with an unpleasant pungent odor).

When a venereal disease occursGardnerellez observed creamy or watery discharge from the vagina with the smell of fish. Color selections can be different, transparent, white, even green. The vagina becomes inflamed, there is itching, swelling, burning of the external genitalia. There are pain and burning during urination and during intimacy in the vagina and perineum.

With a venereal disease of gonorrhea, frequent and painful urination, discomfort in the period of intimacy are observed. Women have vaginal discharge with clots, sometimes bloody.

Trichomoniasis is characterized by greenish-yellow discharge, with a sharp smell, itching and irritation of the walls of the vagina, pain during urination and during sexual intercourse.

When a woman is infected with gonorrhea, she has painLower abdomen, pain when urinating, foamy, putrefactive, curdled vaginal discharge, with a sharp odor. There may also be pain in the throat, itching in the rectum, discharge from this area. It often happens that a woman has a gonorrhea that is asymptomatic.

In case of infection with syphilis, a woman is formed onThe primary stage of the disease is firm consolidation (in the tongue, lips, rectum, genitals). Lymph nodes increase. In the secondary stage of the disease, large pink or reddish brown ulcers appear throughout the body. There is weakness, pain, body temperature increases. These symptoms can disappear on their own and reappear. In the lateral phase of the disease, symptoms are completely absent. If the disease is not treated, then the tertiary phase comes. Bacteria affect all internal organs - a fatal outcome is possible.

When infected with HIV-AIDS, the symptoms are similar toCold symptoms. After a while, there is diarrhea, fever, cough, weight decreases. In the late stages there are: headaches, severe weakness, sweating, chills. After HIV passes gradually into the incurable chronic form of AIDS.

In women, venereal diseases manifest themselves in different ways. The sooner you go to the doctor, the sooner you will get rid of the disease.

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