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How to hint a guy on a kiss

Talk about it directly can not everygirl. So can take the initiative or take advantage of a couple of female tricks? With a little effort, a woman can achieve anything she wants. The main thing is to act in the right direction and trust your female intuition.

In order for the long-awaited kiss to take place, a little hint from your side is enough. It is important to do this correctly, so that the young man sees it and correctly interprets it.

Several ways to hint the lover about the kiss

Perhaps the reason that the guy is still notKissed you, is his opinion that you are not ready. This view needs to be dispelled. There is an old stereotype that the first kiss should take place at the farewell of lovers. Use this position. Ask them to accompany you, because it's too late and terrible to go home alone. Start a romantic conversation or say that you will be bored without it. When parting accidentally, touch the young man or take his hand. If you are not from timid girls, hug him. Such actions will serve as a signal for rapprochement and the subsequent kiss.

However, this method does not always work, becauseA young man can be very modest and probably the same modest he believes you. Then you should use small tricks, and he should present the situation as a series of random events.

Invite your lover to your dayBirth or international women's day on March 8. You can come up with some kind of a holiday, the main thing is that it should be romantic and mean congratulation. At the moment when the guy will congratulate you and come close to kiss on the cheek, you must catch this moment and turn to him with your lips. Here it is a long-awaited kiss! In the same way, you can do on his birthday, only now you have to casually kiss him on the lips. And, by the way, do not forget to show your guy that the touch of his lips was very pleasant to you.

Going to the movies has always been an excellent occasion forKisses. It's best to choose a horror film or an extremely romantic drama. In the terrible moments of the movie, you can cuddle up to your boyfriend, make it clear that you're scared. And, of course, to take away your fear, he will kiss you. Romantic films, especially sentimental, also have a touch to the lips. And then do not forget that there are still "places for kisses", that is, the last row of the cinema. Take the tickets for them, it's definitely a hint of tenderness.

If you have a long relationship with your lover, then you should not invent anything. It is better to act on the situation and feel your young man.

However, one should be cautious, the guy should feel initiative from himself, this will give him confidence.

How to behave to get a kiss

In addition to the reasons, important is the correctBehavior of the girl. The chances for a kiss increase tenfold if a girl flirts, smiles, supports his jokes. Everything should be positive. Show that the guy you like.

And one more simple receiver, which manyGirls are considered very effective. At the moment when you are alone with your young man, look first in his eyes, then look at the lips and again at the eyes. They say it works.

And the last ... if the hints were left without attention,Talk about kissing directly or kiss it yourself. Practice shows that many young people themselves are trying to find ways to hint the girl about the kiss, but they are not doing well.

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