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Astrological forecast for crayfish for 2010

Astro forecast from 21.04 to 20.05

Talisman of the month: spinel.

Favorable days: 21, 29 April, 8, 13 May.

Difficult days: April 26, 3, 11, 17 May.

Priority of interests: dreams and plans, communication with friends, freedom.

Love and Sex for crayfish

From 21 to 30 April. April 21, you will be able to show their best spiritual qualities to show your loved one how you know how to take care of him. He will definitely appreciate it. April 28 and 29 are conducive to love and romantic dates. Remember that now the main thing is your partner and relations with him, you should not stress too much attention on your own person. From 1 to 10 May. On May 3 and 4 you will reach full mutual understanding with your mate, perhaps even receive an offer that has been waiting for. May 5 - a good day for intimate relationships, at least, you will awaken interest in this side of life. But on May 6, it is better not to enter sexual contact, otherwise do not make claims to a partner. From 11 to 20 May. On May 14, 15 and 16, you will want to be alone, there may be an easy depression or just emotional instability. You need a rest, and it is important for the partner to understand this. May 17-18, you can again give him your love and care.

Romantic date. To the long-awaited meeting, order yourself a master's light, almost airy dress, so that you were in it a real fairy from a magical dimension. Being on a date in this outfit (do not forget the elegant jewelry and shoes), you can forever conquer his heart.

Family for crayfish

After a period full of family troubles,You came to a respite. Use it to spend time with benefit for yourself. On April 26 and 27, dedicate caring for the house, as well as for relatives and friends. Well, if you can collect the whole family and talk with relatives that you have not seen for a long time. On April 28 and 29, children will need your attention. With the kids, you can play fun games, help the elders to cope with the lessons and just have a heart-to-heart talk. On 3 and 4 May you will resolve disputed marital issues.

Rest for crayfish

The favorable time for traveling continuesDuring the astrological forecast for crayfish for 2010. The best days to start the trip - on May 8 and 9, choose any city or country you like and go on vacation. If you do not plan a long trip, spend free time with friends.

Place of power. May is a great time to tinker with a small garden near your house or, finally, organize it. You can restore your strength by planting flowers and caring for trees. You can even arrange a miniature garden of stones, having built from them a bizarre composition.

Work and Money for crayfish

Your financial situation will be enough for you.Seriously disturbing almost the entire month, but this does not mean that the money will be bad. Simply, you will invest a lot of energy in this sphere, and all your efforts will be directed to improve material well-being. And after May 12 you will be rewarded with a hundredfold. The atmosphere at work also favors you. A difficult day to establish contact with colleagues - April 30, but, given that this is a pre-holiday day, everything will be resolved, most importantly - do not touch on sharp topics. Buying a month. Go to a special store for sportswear and footwear, which you will surely be useful in the summer for outdoor activities.

Energy and Harmony for cancers

I want movement and activity. Now everything is on your shoulder. You are the very charm! Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. These days are created for love. Gathering strength is not easy. It is worth a little rest, think and order thoughts. Be close to nature. Friends' companies, bonfire, kebabs are what you need right now.

A source of positive for cancers

The newer and more unusual will be the information thatYou get from friends, the more positive emotions you will get communication with them. To increase the positive energy, spend time with those people who not only like you, but they can teach you something or with something to introduce. Have not you been on a tour of your native city for a long time? Go, and the usual landscape will be filled with new content and will cease to be everyday.

Pleasant trifles. Read the latest love story or the good old story on eternal topics. You can go to the cinema for a romantic comedy and enjoy the flow of feelings.

Your chosen cancer

Love. For your sweet family is above all other life spheres. To make the relationship even more harmonious, create a warm and relaxing atmosphere so that after a day's work he can rest and share with you his news, and then get into the chair and disconnect from the hassle.

Tonnes for crayfish. His state of health changes every day and largely depends on the mood and the situation at home and at work. A difficult day is April 30, when the accumulated fatigue threatens to turn into a disease. Try to get him out on the weekend in the nature - fresh air will improve the condition. It is desirable that there was a pond nearby - a lake, a river or the sea.

Finance for crayfish
. He gives so much energy to financial matters. After May 12, it will be easier - the same efforts will begin to bring more results. In general, his financial situation is stable, and it depends directly on his professional success and career growth. On April 22-23, refuse to buy. Risking other people's money this month is not recommended.

Work for crayfish
. Relations with colleagues and superiors are even,Some difficulties can arise only on April 30 and May 11. He needs a lot of freedom, it's better if he takes some independent projects and works with them in a free regime.

Friends for crayfish. This month, he needs to communicate with his friends and like-minded people as much as possible, attend interesting informal events, and make plans for the future together with others. On 12, 13 and 14 May, he can meet a new person, who will influence his life in the future.

Leisure for crayfish. He will have a lot of free time, plan it together. The main thing is that there should be more communication. More often get out on all sorts of unusual "get-togethers", meet with creative people.

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