/ How often can you have anal sex?

How often can you have anal sex?

Anal sex according to your desire

First, it is worth noting that you can oftenEngage in anal sex, if at the same time do not feel any discomfort. Remember that any kind of sex can and should be dealt with only by mutual desire. Therefore, if you do not want to have anal sex, not because you are frightened by feelings or because you are afraid of being infected by any infection, but simply because you absolutely do not want to do it, then you do not need to force yourself. Otherwise, you can have anal sex when you want. But, of course, if you choose such pleasures every day, then there is a chance that later the problems with the sphincter will begin - he will constantly be in a relaxed state, the consequence of which is the incontinence of stool. But this happens only in the case when anal sex is practiced daily and not once.

Do not sacrifice yourself

How often do you practice analSex, depends also on your feelings. If you feel that you are hurt and uncomfortable during sexual intercourse, cracks and wounds appear in the anus and around it, then it's better to wait with the next sexual intercourse. Remember that you can not sacrifice your health for the sake of the young man's desires. You should first of all worry about that everything is good with your body and body. Therefore, in case you notice a strong irritation and pain in the anus, you first need to heal all the wounds, and that they are not just covered with a crust, but completely healed. During the next sexual intercourse, during which you decide to do anal sex, use more lubricants to avoid injuring the skin.

Anal sex and hemorrhoids

Many people are interested in how often anal sexYou can deal with hemorrhoids. In this case, it is best to consult the doctor first. If he finds it possible, then sometimes allow yourself this kind of comfort. But remember that at the slightest feeling of discomfort, pains and the like immediately stop the sexual act. Otherwise, you may have complications that lead to unpleasant consequences.

Sex without fear

Many women are afraid to engage in analSex, because, they do not experience pleasant sensations. Frequent sexual intercourse will help you get rid of such fears. Of course, this is not surprising, because the anus is gradually stretched and you will no longer feel the discomfort and pain that experienced during the first acts of anal sex. Therefore, if you want to learn how to experience pleasant sensations from anal sex, then you can do it when you want.

By the way, it is worth to say thatOften women do not get pleasure from anal sex because of their fear. In this there is nothing surprising, since the girls, having read horror on the Internet and having listened to their girlfriends, go to anal sex like a penalty. They seem to sacrifice themselves to a man and from the very beginning are tuned to what will be painful and bad, just need to endure. It is not right! You do not have to endure anything, and if you have already taken such a step, you should enjoy yourself with the man. Therefore during anal sex try different poses and lubricants, always talk about what you feel and then you will be able to engage in anal sex often and with pleasure, and not turn sexual intercourse into anguish.

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