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Astrological forecast for twins for 2010

Astro forecast from 21.04 to 20.05

The talisman of the month: pink and red carnelian.

Favorable days: April 24, 2, 7, 16 May.

Difficult days: 22, April 28, 5, 12, 19 May.

Priority of interests: solitude, peace, contemplation.

Love and Sex for twins

From 21 to 30 April. In the last days of April, you will be busy mostly with yourself and do not want to appear in public and communicate much. Ask your chosen one to treat this with understanding and give you the opportunity to be alone. And for a romantic meeting, good days are April 26 and 27. From 1 to 10 May.

May 1 is a suitable day for resolving all the contradictions in the relationship and strengthening mutual harmony in the astrological forecast for the twins for 2010.

May 2 in the morning, avoid touching sensitive topics inConversation with a partner. May 3 and 4 dedicate an intimate encounter and sexual relations. May 8, you can just enjoy the communication with your loved one, without worrying about anything.

From 11 to 20 May. Starting from May 12, it will be much easier for you to express your thoughts, feelings, to show initiative and in general to be yourself. 13, 14, 15 May - calm and favorable for close relations of the days. May 16 may be difficult because of your emotional incontinence.

Romantic date. Let the situation of your meeting be as mysterious as possible. Put out the lights, pull the curtains, light the candle or incense. An appropriate outfit will also help. Learn a couple of movements of oriental dance. Ethnic music - Indian or Tibetan tunes - will complete the mystical flavor of your meeting.

Family for twins

After a temporary lull, family and homeCares will require a lot of effort and time from you. You'll have to work hard to combine them with your desire to go deep into yourself. April 24 and April 25, slowly make cleaning, and by evening invite the closest relatives to visit. On April 26-27, dedicate it to the children. Communicating with them will bring you positive emotions and a charge of cheerfulness. May 16, your nerves can pass, conflicts with households are possible due to lack of restraint and resentment.

Relax for the twins

The best holiday for you this month -Spent alone. You can go somewhere alone or just walk around the city, sit at home for an interesting book - the main thing is that no one distracts you from your own deep feelings. After May 13, make small trips, but on the long journey it is better not to go. The most unfavorable day for traveling is May 6.

Place of power. It's already quite spring in the yard, and you can go cycling. So get your "iron horse" - and forward for new impressions. Let it become for you not only a means of transportation or sports equipment, but also an object of strength, freedom and good mood.

Work and Money for the Twins

A good day for financial manipulation - 21April, receipts are also not excluded to your account. On April 28 and 29, in secret relations with colleagues, the secret will become apparent, which will entail some difficulties in the work. Conflicts, gossip, intrigues are not ruled out. May 3, there may be thoughts of a change of work - if the appropriate option turns up, do not hesitate for a long time, although this may not be reflected in money, but it will save you from unpleasant communication. After May 12, the situation is normal in any case.

Buying a month for the twins. An aquarium with colorful fish will make your home more cozy and harmonious.

Energy and Harmony for twins

Gathering strength is not easy. It's worth R a little rest. Do self-examination. Meditation will help to find inner harmony. Close people will immediately feel it. You can go on a trip to the suburbs by bike. It will entertain you.

Hold on! A second wind will soon open. Patience is always rewarded.

The source of positive for twins

Sometimes loneliness is the best friend and ally. Highlight the day when no one can disturb you, and spend it in complete silence, turn off the phone and avoid communication with the computer, especially working on the Internet. TV, too, let him rest, it's better if he is not around. Take care of what usually does not have enough time - for example, make notes in your diary, sum up the important results of the past period, meditate, dream about the future. Communication after seclusion will be filled with a new meaning.

Pleasant trifles. Vintage handbag or purse, ornaments from the "grandmother's trunk".

Your chosen twin

Love. At the beginning of the month, your only one is not too well placed to communicate, and yet it will be much easier to establish contact with him than in the previous period. Romantic appointments are better planned in an intimate setting. Communication will become even easier and more relaxed after May 12. A difficult day for mutual understanding is April 30.

Tone. This month, he does not have the highest charge of vivacity, and in order to retain strength, he needs to retire more often. To maintain a good state of health, relaxation and meditation, walks in solitary places will help. A good day for recreational activities - April 28.

Finance for twins
. A large increase in their own salary is unlikelyIt is expected, but now it's a good time to risk other people's money - for example, to take out a loan and invest money in business. This is suitable for April 3-4. In general, the situation with money will be more or less stable.

Work for twins
. Until May 12, all his personal initiatives will beTo encounter obstacles in its path. But, despite the difficulties, he grows as a professional, and this will necessarily lead to a positive result and career growth.

Friends for twins. This month your darling will not have a great need to communicate with friends. There may be conflicts, misunderstandings and other disturbing circumstances. For meeting with friends most suited on May 10 and 11.

Leisure for twins. It's great if there is a country house, a summer cottage - it's quite possible to spend the weekend there. Until May 12, you should not get involved in driving a car.

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