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Astrological forecast for calves for 2010

Astro forecast from 21.04 to 20.05


21.04 - 20.05

Compass of luck

The talisman of the month is jade.

Favorable days: 21, 25 April, 11 May.

Difficult days: 23, 30 April, 8, 16 May.

Priority of interests: self-development, personal initiative, decisive actions.

Love and Sex for the bulls

From 21 to 30 April. April 21-24 in your life begins a new bright period. Your inner harmony will be reflected in your love relationships. On April 24-25, plan a romantic meeting, although you will have to work hard so that the relationship becomes truly sustainable. If now you make an effort, the result will surpass all expectations. April 28-29, there is a danger of misunderstanding and mutual reproaches, try to make concessions. From 1 to 10 May. May 1 just created for intimate relationships. May 2, the situation may become complicated, but in personal undertakings you will be lucky, so you can take the initiative. Unfortunately, due to the retrograde motion of Mercury on the Taurus sign during the astrological forecast for calves for 2010, it will not be easy for you to express your feelings in words, and accordingly your chosen one will not easily understand you. From May 11 to May 20. May 12, try not to go on about emotions. An important event for you will happen on May 14th, which will not have a beneficial effect on your love relationships. In general, this decade is flat, but obstacles for romantic meetings, connected with the financial situation, are possible. Romantic date. Now you just blossom in front of your eyes, and at the same time everyone notices your bright individuality and inner wealth. Feel free to talk about your dreams and goals.

Family for calves

This month your interests will not always beCoincide with the interests of other family members. The situation will be especially aggravated on May 13. Try to turn your displeasure into a peaceful channel, for example ... rearrange the furniture. 22 and 23 April hold on, emotions can get out of control. April 24-25, spend with the children, play, talk heart to heart. April 28-29, be careful and avoid touching the urgent issues, a possible marital tiff.

To rest, to walk, to go to your favorite places in thisMonth is possible and necessary. April 21, go somewhere not very far, for example, in a small car journey. On a longer trip, leave May 3-4. May 10 and 11 it is better to be alone with yourself.

Place of strength
. The source of inspiration for you will be nature. Birthday - and it falls precisely on the current month, you need to spend the city in the company of true friends. Walk along the young grass, touch the trees to gain energy from them.

Work and Money for calves

This month, you will think a lot aboutEarn money, try to lay a solid material foundation. Especially good financial affairs will go on April 25. And if you can still meet some obstacles before May 12th (the signing of important papers is postponed, meetings are postponed, contacts are difficult to be found with customers), then everything will finally go in the right direction, the business will start developing smoothly and quickly. The most successful day for your personal financial events, not related to other people, on May 2. May 5, one should not expect to receive more money, and also make expensive purchases.

Purchase of the month
. A set for a tea ceremony and, of course, several packages of elite tea so that the long-awaited harmony finally comes into your life and the life of people around you.

Energy and Harmony for calves

Meditation will help you find the inner harmony that will transform you

Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. The existing relationship is also stable. The adventures are strictly contraindicated.

The source of positive for calves

Self-love automatically causes a goodAttitude to everything that surrounds you. So now it's time to find more of your own merits, tolerate the shortcomings and just feel happy. Love yourself as a child, no matter what, and without any conditions. Go to the bakery. Allow yourself everything you usually refuse - a cake with butter cream or a large portion of a filling. Arrange a celebration of the soul and body. Your life will become much brighter and more fun.

Pleasant trifles. Discs with your favorite music, under which you are ready to spend the evening.

Your elect Taurus

Love. Your beloved is directly shining with love, and is also tuned to a serious mood and strives to create a lasting relationship. Until May 12, it will not be easy for him to express himself, but after you finally hear the long-awaited confession, and maybe even offer a hand and a heart.

. Now you can not be afraid for health and generalTone your darling. This is his favorite time of the year, and he has enough strength for all matters and entertainment. April 26 and 27 are good days for any recreational activities. After April 25, its tone will depend on financial success. A difficult day - May 16, when you need to take care of the body.

Finance. Before May 12, there may be some difficulties in business, especially if it is connected with other people (working with clients, partners, signing contracts, concluding deals). From May 13, these obstacles will go away, and financial affairs will stabilize. On May 2, a personal initiative will solve a lot. May 5, on the contrary, it is better to wait out. Risking other people's finances is undesirable, especially on April 30 and May 2.

Work for calves. The amount of work is less compared to the previous month, so you can relax a little. Now our own projects are more important, although this does not guarantee fast career growth. It is better to think about self-realization, and not about promotion.

Friends for calves
. With friends, you can and should communicate, although notIt is excluded that some relations will end at all or will pass to another, qualitatively new level. Especially want to spend a friendly company holidays - May 8 and 9.

Leisure for calves. For recreation, short trips and walks are quite suitable, long trips also do not interfere. Try to pull him out more often in nature - he will be grateful to you for this.

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