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Erogenous zones of Zodiac signs

Aries. Sufficiently strange, but a stimulus forThe excitation of this sign is a scandal. It is in this state that his body is most sensitive to caresses, and erogenous zones for him are the ears and in general the entire surface of the head. Massiruyuschimi movements caress his head, while kissing the ears - and he is completely yours.

People born under the sign TaurusAre usually circumstantial and like to stretchPleasure, categorically denying haste in the vicinity. Their erogenous zones are lips, neck, nose. They react almost to any touch in those areas. Try to simply spend nails on the skin of your Taurus, make him a massage, with the application of aromatic oils and of course iron it more!

Gemini Like to constantly try something new. Curiosity and curiosity are their distinctive features, they adore everything new, and the sexual sphere is non-exclusion. They often pay much more attention to preliminary caresses. Their sensitive places are hands and chest. Touch them there, hold on the fingers, on the inside of the hands, draw the tongue over the chest and hands - this way, awaken in them a particularly strong desire.

Cancers In the majority they are sensitive and vulnerable,So in relationships with them, more tenderness and affection. They are very faithful and will never look for someone to the side, if everything is fine with your relationship. Trust in a partner is expressed by the fact that they allow caressing them in the nipple area - for Cancers this is a very intimate area. Carefully caress them, bite - and Cancer just razmeyleet pleasure. Also, Cancers adore deep sensual kisses that last and last. But, unfortunately, it is unlikely that your partner - Cancer will appreciate if you decide to show him your knowledge of the Kamasutra - experiments this sign neochen likes.

Lions, Like the true rulers, like to be inThe epicenter of events. Absolutely not inclined to shyness, if they are asked - they will immediately tell about their erogenous zones and they can find them. They adore all kinds of massage, especially respect the back massage, especially the areas along the spine, are milled already from simple stroking. It's best to lay the Lion in a bath, rub it with a sponge until his skin turns red and gently kisses his back - and then you are sure that soon Lion will drag you to his bath.

A man born under the sign Virgo, If compared with other signs, a littleCold. Very rarely he loses his head and easily resists temptation. You can start his conquest only after he recognizes you as a person worthy of his attention. Also, more often than not, they are simply obsessed with cleanliness, so forget to flaunt it in some unusual places. Its sensitive areas are the knees, the abdomen and especially the navel. Very fond of kissing.

Libra Will easily sway towards sex, ifThe representative of this sign will be given the opportunity to demonstrate luxury and abundance. So, if you lay silk bed linen, and he brings a silver pail with ice and a bottle of champagne, the Libra man will be at the top of rapture. Most Libra is a visual, so a small striptease will be cheered. Absolutely do not seek to be in bed in bed, so it's easy to obey you if you want something new. Libra has the most sensitive area of ​​the abdomen and lower back.

Scorpions -large dreamers and passionate lovers. But they are difficult to force in this to admit, so you have to figure out what your partner wants. Armed with films for adults and the same Kamasutra. However, it is quite easy to find their erogenous zone in Sсcorpions - it's just everything that they have in their belts, so it will be very pleasant for them if you include oral sex in a bed program.

People born under the sign Sagittarius, Love individual comfort, however, unlikeFrom Dev and Rakov, will never refuse to experiment. Their vulnerabilities are the area from the knees to the groin. Best of all, if you are going to caress this area, take advantage of the massage oil, because the skin there is very gentle. Try to caress Sagittarius there - and it is unlikely that you will be able to bring the massage to the end.

For Capricorns Intimacy is the act of the highestTrust. The way to their bed is slow and long, so if you want to have sex with Capricorn, be patient. For the Capricorns, the erogenous zone is their back, from the neck of the buttocks. It is best to caress them there with a tongue, circular slow movements. And if you massage his knees a little, then Capricorn will simply be delighted. Also it will be very good for you, if from time to time you bite the tips of his fingers.

Aquarius - a very extraordinary sign. The man of this sign tends to the most risky and unusual love games in a variety of places. The thing is that the representatives of this sign are distinguished by an incredibly rich imagination. To operate sensitive zones of Aquarius, you will need to stroke his cheekbones and ears. Also Aquarians are very fond of preliminaries in bathrooms and swimming pools.

Men born under the sign Pisces, Are the most affectionate and gentle loversAmong all signs of the zodiac. They are inventive and tireless in both prelude and in the vox. If you like romantic men, then Pisces will be the best choice. The main thing is to gain his confidence and he will entice you to a bed or a vvonnuyu - representatives of this sign adore the presence of nearby water. Caress his tiny shells, back, waist - he will be very grateful to you. Also, it can be stimulated with a gentle massage of the feet.

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