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Characteristics of the sign of the zodiac cancer

Cancer Health.

Some people believe that if a personBorn under the sign of the zodiac cancer, then a disease with a similar name will inevitably attach to it. This opinion does not make sense. Cancers are susceptible to cancerous tumors in the same way as all other signs of the zodiac.

Characteristics of cancer health. More vulnerable places of a cancer: a liver, a bladder, a stomach, digestive organs.

Cancers are predisposed to fullness, they oftenThere is a lowered blood pressure. They should monitor the work of the intestine and discharge it in a timely manner. Cancers are not recommended to sleep before dinner, since prolonged sleep can provoke this sign of the zodiac feeling of weakness and lead to a state of depression.

Many disorders and cancers developBecause of nervous overexertion. To be healthy, cancer needs to change the lifestyle, habits, food, sleep. Then you can avoid visiting doctors and hospitals.

Children-crayfish should not be punished as follows: Leaving them alone, locked in a room, this greatly violates their psyche. During puberty, parents should ensure that the cancer does not drink too much liquid and does not drink alcohol.

Often female cancers suffer from pain during menstruation, but they easily give birth, suffer abortions without serious consequences.

People of this sign are prone to stomach ulcers. To stay healthy, you need to avoid depressions, eat fully and do not overeat.

The nature of cancer.

Cancer is very intelligent and well educated. He has a wonderful memory and a great sense of humor.

All the accumulated knowledge of cancer uses in life, inCareer. Often he lives in the reality created by himself, likes to indulge in dreams. Cancer rarely lives today, it can not leave what was yesterday and constantly thinks about what will happen tomorrow. Cancer often recedes to difficulties.

Cancer is very affectionate, even playful. He as a child opens up to the people and seeks only good qualities in them. Cancer likes to reflect on life, it should not be distracted from such reflections.

A woman-cancer is intensively caring for her body,As with a rare plant, she loves herself and finds herself very beautiful. Such a woman will never get dressed badly or walk unattached, even at home. She follows fashion trends and is always refined, sweet and refined.

Male cancer also like to look good. They smell good with them. But at a more mature age they lose their gloss and usually run themselves, leaving the right to watch over his wife.

Love cancer.

Cancer is the most touchy and vulnerable sign of the horoscope. Cancer is so easy to offend that sometimes you might think that he takes offense just like that. Because of this, cancer itself complicates and marries life.

Cancer is very dependent on your parents. He can live in a family of parents for a long time, he also acquires a family by his parents' order. Although the cancer will be happier in his family life, the sooner he will be able to leave the parental home. Cancer has a quivering relationship with the mother. Until very old cancer in everything will obey the mother and ask her for advice.

Often cancer is not interested in physical love. A woman-cancer aspires to get children quickly, gives herself all up to their upbringing, the husband goes to the background for her. Women-crayfish adore their children, especially sons, do everything to make them grow up happy.

In her youth, crayfish are absolute romance. They are nice and timid. They have a highly developed imagination. They can invent a non-existent love and cherish it in their hearts for many years. Cancer is a gentle and faithful lover. They have deep, sincere feelings.

In sex, crayfish require emotional filling. Sex for them - full of life, emotions and feelings. If the cancer is disappointed in love, then it closes for a long time in itself and does not pay attention to the opposite sex at all. In this situation, cancer risks becoming jealous and the owner in further relationships.

The love of cancer is peaceful, calm, like a river. Cancer is a good family man. If the cancer faces treachery, then he experiences a storm of passion, he can commit suicide from the realization that he was betrayed.

Often crayfish find a life partner, much older than themselves. Such a union becomes firm, based on spirituality and common interests.

Cancers like to obey their partner, so they need a responsible and strong spirit who will give the cancer a sense of stability and security as a life partner.

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