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Characteristics of the sign of the Zodiac of bodies

Health of the calf.

Taurus have good health. A baby-calf is born strong and in childhood is rarely sick. Taurus - long-livers, they can live to old age without disease.

Since the body is not tied to variousHe often abuses his health: he has bad habits or works in dangerous work. If the body gets sick, then it recovers for a very long time. Diseases cause a calf depression, a sense of boredom and longing.

Frequent diseases for this sign of the zodiac: excess weight, diabetes, allergic rash, asthma, nerve diseases, migraines, schizophrenia, depression.

Taurus, more than all other signs of the zodiacIs subject to such a harmful habit as smoking. Taurus begin smoking at an early age, it's extremely difficult for them to quit this habit. If the body wants to quit smoking, then he will have to use all willpower for this.

Among bulls, homosexuals are more common than among other signs of the zodiac.

Men-calves often suffer from throat and respiratory tract diseases, women should carefully protect themselves during sexual intercourse, as they are prone to infections of the genital tract.

To the Taurus always was cheerful and healthy, he should keep his feet warm, and his head in the cold.

Taurus does not like to exhaust your body with diets, physical exercises, although it would not hurt to do some kind of physical activity.

Character of the calf.

The nature of the calf is sentimental, kind, calm. Often he is self-confident and proud of himself.

In clothes he prefers a classic style,Likes to dress expensive, but not defiantly. Taurus does not like trinkets, ornaments, everything in its image is harmonious and refined. Taurines love gentle, soft scents, they always smell good. Expensive and high-quality clothes can be worn for a long time, in life, he adheres to the same style.

Taurus likes a harmonious and calm environmentAround yourself. They come to terms with many inconveniences to avoid disputes and conflicts. Taurus has a lot of patience, but if the bull goes out of itself, then he will not be lucky for the person who has risen on his side.

Taurus more trust their feelings and intuition than common sense. But before deciding, the corpse will think ten times about what all may end for him.

Taurus is completely irreligious. Rarely visits the church or is an atheist in general. Sometimes a calf is affected by his indecisiveness in life, but he is able to hide it if he is keen to achieve what he wants. Taurus is a man of the word, he will always fulfill what he promised.

At heart, the Taurus is an egoist and believes that the wholeThe world revolves around him. He demands close attention from his close people to his nature. Taurus does not like to talk about his problems. He hides much and keeps himself inside. Taurus is prudent: he is not greedy or generous, but he should revise the balance in the "give-take" balance. Taurus usually takes more than it gives.

Meanwhile, the Taurus is a smart and simple person at the same time, it is pleasant to communicate with him, he is a good friend and companion.

Love archer.

From an early age, or even from childhood, the Taurus dreamsAbout love, not really knowing what it is. He reads books about love and imagines love as it is described in novels. Therefore, in real relationships for a long time can not move away from the ideal world and extols his chosen one to heaven.

Love and passion grow in the soul of the archer slowlyAnd smoothly, he is not one who falls in love at first sight. If the body is loved, then nothing will stop it from conquering the object of its passions. He will go to the end and will not stop at nothing. Taurus often has disappointments in love or unhappy love.

The love of the calf is very romantic. He will not go to bed on his first date: he is attracted to everything by his partner: his voice, his clothes, his smell, his features. He aspires to memorize and study his beloved as much as possible, and only then to move to a closer level of relations. Such love is very touching and romantic, so the bull is so easy to offend.

Trust and loyalty in relationships are very important for the bull. He himself will keep eternal fidelity and demands the same from the chosen one. They want to belong wholly and to own at the same time.

Sometimes the bullock falls into the other extreme - the man becomes a Don Juan, and the woman remains an old maid.

Taurus will not forgive his chosen one of betrayal or deceit, they always demand proof of feelings towards them.

Over the years, the body becomes more and more sensual and sexual. They are very skilled lovers and do not tolerate coldness and stiffness in bed.

Taurus will become a good parent: kind, caring. With children, they communicate on an equal footing, that's why they cause trust and sincere love.

Taurus like a quiet, family environment, a family for them is very important. Their house is their fortress.

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