/ How to restore sexual desire

How to restore sexual desire

What are the reasons for women's lack of sexual desire?

In most cases, the lack of such interestLies in the field of psychology. Dissatisfaction with personal life, stress caused by work, paying bills and financial troubles, worrying about their children and even fear of sexual behavior of a partner can greatly affect a woman's desire. In addition, the emotional factors of the lack of female desire, can be due to hormonal changes in the body of a woman, in the level of testosterone responsible for sexual desire and estrogen, the female sex hormone. Fluctuations in the level of estrogen during the menstrual cycle and after ovulation can make a woman less sensitive. There is a clear relationship between menopause and sexual desire, especially since during the menopause the problem can be even more critical. During this period, the female body stops the production of estrogen, which increases the likelihood of depressions, which in turn reduce sexual desire.

How can you restore sexual desire?

The first step, of course, will be a conversation withHis gynecologist, who will help determine whether the lack of sexual desire is associated only with external problems of the body. Often, the correct diagnosis of a doctor can solve this problem, perhaps the necessary treatment can return interest in sex. For example, it is possible to increase the amount of female hormones, stopped by the body of a woman by natural means, by means of special preparations, a course of therapy that restores hormonal balance is extremely effective in this situation.

When your body is healthy and your emotionsYou feel more prepared and the appearance of sexual desire under these conditions is more likely. Another way to solve the problem is to try to establish a frank and open dialogue with your mate.

In addition, try to remove stress, distract from worries and become at least a minute happy, allow yourself to enjoy moments of intimacy with your loved one.

Lack of sexual desire during pregnancy.

When pregnancy, in the body of a woman occurPowerful physical or physiological transformations, seriously capable of affecting the interest in sex. Many women are also frightened that they are not sexually attractive to their partners, and eventually refuse sex during pregnancy. Another question that affects the sexual life of a pregnant woman is whether a sexual act can harm a future child. In fact, it's just a myth, gynecologists even recommend sex during pregnancy, considering it to be healthy enough, noting the increase in the sexual desire of a woman in her first period. Some positions may be uncomfortable because of the abdomen, but the couple can try different options until they find the most comfortable position. Sexual contact should be stopped only if the woman has complications during pregnancy, such as, for example, bleeding.
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