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Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries

Health ram.

Aries should watch their eyesight, cherish itfrom early childhood. Often the bad teeth of a ram. Aries is prone to colds, he should avoid drafts. Often rams neglect their health, do not protect it and then pay for their carelessness with various serious complications. Aries like to observe different diets, they can even starve, which leads to insomnia, increased blood pressure, and even can provoke a heart attack.

If the Aries gets to the hospital, then he as possibleRather hurry out of it to get out, this is a bad patient. When the Aries is ill, he continues to lead an ordinary life, does not comply with bed rest. Therefore, the aries are either full of strength and health, or even fall from their feet.

Aries needs systematic physical exercises to protect his body from premature aging.

The nature of the ram.

The sign of the ram is influenced by Mars and the Sun, therefore the Aries is a passionate man, he does not tolerate boredom, monotony. Aries likes to exaggerate. He is caring, attentive to relatives and friends.

The ram has a wide soul, he likes to make gifts, he is unselfish. Aries is original and full of ideas. He has unlimited curiosity, he can become a good inventor.

Aries knows a lot about fashion trends. In the clothing of a ram, the following colors should be preferred: yellow, green, lemon, orange.

Aries is a warrior, conqueror. He is the leader in the company. Aries is rarely considered with the feelings of other people. He does not tolerate when his plans interfere or spoil him. Then the ram can fall into violent frenzy. The aggression of Aries is strong and uncontrollable. The character trait of this sign of the zodiac is destruction, including self-destruction.

Aries is responsible for his workPosition, he is neat and performs everything that is needed in time. Aries constantly argues with someone, he easily manages to defend his point of view, even if it is not quite right.

Love is a ram.

The love characteristic of the sign of the zodiac is veryVersatile. Aries early ripen. Their body is ready for physical love already in early adolescence. With their early puberty, the rams bring many experiences to their parents. Bunny-rams go through all the boundaries allowed by society to fulfill their first sexual desires. It also brings them a lot of troubles and problems. But the young rams can not cope with their intimate desires.

Parents of elders should pay special attention to their upbringing and behavior, as they are often prone to defiant behavior, can themselves lead themselves to rape.

A characteristic feature of people-ives - the abilityFall in love at first sight at any age. They can passionately love and in deep old age. The passion of the rams is strong, violent. Aries often attracts the forbidden to get it they are willing to pay at any cost.

Aries at the same time are very prudent. When the time of violent passion passes, the time of calculation comes. They are fans of thrill, do not tolerate lies, treason and betrayal. The rams' aggression quickly arises, often from scratch, but they can also quickly return to their normal state.

In love, the rams are required to fulfill all theirWhims. Especially demanding are female rams. They are oppressed by monotony. If the relationship becomes uninteresting to them, the Aries quickly abandons the partner, without any qualms about the experience.

The Aries man often wants to subordinate a completely beloved woman. He is ready to lock her in a golden cage. At the same time, he seeks to look like a hero, protector, benefactor in her eyes.

Woman-Aries does not control her desires, allForces to facilitate their execution. If a woman-ram is not satisfied with a man in bed, she stops the relationship with him. A man whom an Aries woman really loves, she will extol and will remain loyal to him.

One of the characteristics of the people of the sign of Aries is passionTo rivalry. They like to beat their elected representatives from rivals, they like to feel their attractiveness and superiority over others. The Aries man obey only a stronger person than he or the more intelligent.

Aries often live outside of marriage. They can remain bachelors for life. To live with a ram his partner should have patience to experience with him his whims and hobbies.

The ram has a huge vital energy that needs to be channeled into the right direction.

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