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Acquaintance with Italian men

What is he, an Italian man

Italians are considered the most extraordinary andSkillful lovers who can immerse the lady in a real fairy tale called "love." Among other things, Italians are considered great aesthetes, who are spoiled by a beautiful life. They highly appreciate comfort. But apart from all this, marriage with such men brings a sense of security and comfort, because the Italian representatives of the stronger sex are strongly attached to the family and adore children. Of course, being next to the Italian guys, you will immediately notice that they like to play in public. This, in the first place, is due to the fact that every Italian is essentially a born artist who loves to bathe in ovations. And the fact that the Italians are extremely non-punctual people, you will certainly find out after you have met with an Italian man. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most of the time the Italian macho is given his appearance. But this is all incomparable with the love of life and the sense of humor inherent in this nation. And most importantly, the Italians are considered a very superstitious people who believe in all signs and signs from above.

Acquaintance with men from Italy

Acquaintance with the Italian does not require much effort,Because no representative of the fair sex, be it an indigenous Italian or a beautiful stranger, will not be left without attention from the male part of the population of Italy. This is due to the fact that in this country it is customary to admire women, to whom whole love odes are dedicated. So be sure that you will not succeed and blink an eye, as you will get acquainted.

What you need to know before meeting with men of Italian origin

You should remember that the ItaliansAre fickle. In other words, they very quickly ignite and just as quickly go out. If you want to keep such a man, you should develop your tactics of the game: today passionate and hot, tomorrow cool and mysterious.

Despite the glory of born lovers,Italians are always in a hurry. Therefore, you must be prepared for the fact that you have to restrain the southern temperament of the Italian. Having trained your new acquaintance of tenderness, you will really find yourself in a fairy tale.

By the way, acquaintance with the Italian, it's farNot all, because you still have to "come to his court", i.e. Like his family. And a huge role in this is played by his mother, she is also Madonna and the most respected woman in the world for her son. Therefore, prepare yourself for the fact that you will never be able to take the first place in the heart of your macho, since it has already been given to the mother.

What to expect from an acquaintance with an Italian

Such acquaintance will provide you with a sea of ​​emotions andImpressions, because it will be a passionate novel, wedded to the historical sights of romantic Italy. So the sea of ​​romance and the ocean of passion will be provided to you. The main thing is not to lose your head!

How to behave at the moment of dating

You should remember that Italian menAre inclined to act according to a certain pattern: initially increased pressure, after which, if the lady could not be interested, the ostentatious cold and as a result some kind of brazen trick or mega deed, which certainly must win the heart of a woman. But you should "keep your ear sharp", because at any time the hunting season for another victim may open. For the sake of conquering a woman Italians tend to lie (of course, this does not apply to everyone) and very skillfully dodge. So it's not worth it to rush straight into the pool. Initially, arrange all the points above the "and", figuring out the authenticity of his feelings. By the way, your restraint will only increase interest.

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