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Characteristics of the sign of the zodiac twins

Twins health.

Among people of this sign of the zodiac, like twins,Frequent are the following diseases: mental disorders, speech abnormalities, apoplexy, lower respiratory tract diseases, asthma. They are prone to allergies, nervousness and colds.

Often twins suffer from insomnia, in thisThey need and very useful to learn the methods of relaxation and use them during the day, so that the body has enough rest. If the twin is not enough to rest, it can provoke nervous overstrain, stress.

It is useful for twins to be outdoors, to take sunny and airy baths. Without such procedures, they wither away.

Twins need to watch their safety carefully, as they often fall into accidents due to inattention

Twins often fall ill when they are lonely or bored. They are prone to arthritis, rheumatism, headaches.

The nature of the twins.

This is a surprisingly complex sign of the zodiac - a sign of air, which suggests changeability, activity. As if two different people live in a twin, this is indicated by his contradiction to himself.

Gemini is talkative, sociable, handsome. He strongly protects his inner world from the outside world, rarely lets someone in there enter someone else's. Twins have a lively character, they do not sit idle for a long time. They are lucky in life, but they can be troubled by their variability and volatility.

Sometimes twins are scattered by people: Do not value friendship and loyal feelings, this leads them to the fact that at some point they risk being left alone. But this is not for long, because there will always be people ready to make friends with a sociable and cheerful twin. Gemini easily changes old friends to new ones.

Twins love lightness in everything, including life. They are looking for easy ways, easy earnings, which is not always the case. They will easily become dishonest if they get it with impunity.

Twins are unbalanced, like to flare up without reason. They know how to do several things at once. They are practical, but not greedy. They are very hospitable.

Despite the fact that the twins all the forcesStrive for happiness, they do not always reach it. They are depressed by petty worries, family troubles. Twins do not like to solve problems and often let things slide. Therefore twins then bathe in luxury, then vegetate in poverty. Twins often follow the principle: everything or nothing, although they can get everything from nothing, putting maximum effort into it.

Twins like noisy gatherings, parties, night life. They are easy to climb. Twins are fans of strong spirits. Twins adore adventures, travel, outdoor activities and fleeting novels.

In everyday life, particularly in the workplacePlace twins produce the impression of responsibility, restraint, even coldness. Twins are insolent by nature, their insolence can reach a tactless, and even dishonorable.

Often twins display literary abilities, they well express their thoughts on paper.

Love twins.

A twin man is a very nice and sweet lover. He is gentle, sweet, passionate. He combines sex with spiritual communication, which is very popular with women. He does not like to complicate existing relationships. In this case, he can even disappear without a trace from the life of a woman. He is changeable, everything depends on his intimate life from the changes in his mood. In a woman, her mind and inner charm attract him, and not an external shine.

Twins tend to have several marriages in life. Marriage will become permanent if the twin enters into it at a sufficiently mature age.

Gemini is always ready to help and come to the rescueHis chosen one. But you should never rely on it and count on it. It is so unpredictable that if you send it to the store, it can come back in a week. Gemini lives and loves playfully.

A twin woman reveals all her femaleEssence in intimate relationships. She is very passionate and sexually attracts almost all men. No one can compete with her in bed. She is original and ingenious.

To make such a woman a true companion, it is necessary to try. It requires constant attention to yourself and pleasant surprises. These women are very changeable mood.

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