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Character of a Turkish man

So, the character of a Turkish man can be calledRather contradictory. No wonder this country is located at the intersection of East and West, just between Europe and Asia. The Turks are very honored by their country and speak of it as a great power, but at the same time they perfectly understand that Turkey is not among the strongest countries. They are very proud of themselves and their people, like all Muslims, but suffer from a certain inferiority complex due to the fact that they have to go to Europe to work and obey there other people's instructions. That's why the spirit of contradiction always struggles in them, on the one hand extolling their people and country, and on the other - censuring them.

The concept of friendship among the Turks is very subjective andIs influenced by emotions. However, he will not change his opinion several times a day. The Turk will not hide if he considers a person to be his enemy, and if he recognizes him as his friend, one can not doubt his honesty. Turks are proud and avid for flattery, because often people who are hypocritical try to make friends with them, using it for their own purposes. Turkish men do not tolerate criticism, even if it is objective, said inadvertently, it can ruin the friendship. Also in a dispute, dismissing all arguments and sound logic, the Turks will always hold their opinions.

The Turkish people have an excellent sense of humor. Their sparkling satire is considered to be one of the best in the whole of Europe. They easily joke about themselves and criticize their country, but this is allowed only by themselves. They will by no means tolerate criticism and ridicule from foreigners.

The Turks are very scrupulous about the conceptTrust. Feeling the lack of confidence in him, the Turks are annoyed and angry, maybe even refuse to have any common business with you. And on the contrary, knowing that you trust him, he imposes certain obligations on himself. However, this does not mean that he will unconditionally keep his word. There is always a certain fatalism in him, in his understanding everything depends on the will of Allah. Therefore, most often in all his actions there is a slowness, negligence and non-compliance in the performance of any affairs or instructions. Even the promise to do something tomorrow does not at all mean confidence in it, but the soonest is probability. This is the custom in Turkey since ancient times, so it's not worth it to be angry and offended, and your anger can only get contempt in the eyes of the Turk.

The Turkish people are very hospitable. Even without knowing the foreigner very well, after several meetings they can invite him to visit. The only thing they can be afraid of is political trouble, because if they are sure that this will be avoided, the foreigner has a great chance to feel the full force of Turkish hospitality.

To women, Turkish men are treated likeOwners. If they have won the heart of a lady, they consider her completely their own. They are very jealous and extremely hot-tempered, because they will not allow their woman to talk to other men. They consider themselves leaders in relations and like to be obediently obeyed. Many women quite like to be led and have the responsibility to lay on the man's shoulders.

As a rule, Turkish men do not like smart peopleWomen. They prefer that a woman does not possess a special intelligence or carefully conceal it in the presence of a man. Turks are not one of those men who appreciate a woman's purpose and independence. They need someone who can calmly do household chores and create a normal family life. At the same time, the circle of contacts for the wife of a Turkish man can consist only of women. She can communicate with them only during the daytime and even then must necessarily ask permission from her husband.

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