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How to feel like a woman

Home affairs need to be distributed in such a waySo that you spend on them a maximum of two hours a day. To rationally distribute everything that needs to be done around the house, create a separate notebook or create a table on your computer and write down all the duties there every day. For example: on Monday you erase, and on Tuesday you need to wash the floors, vacuum, etc. In this case, the distribution should be constructed in such a way that the days off remain absolutely free.

Try to divide life into separate blocks. Among them there must be such components as work, children, husband, hobby, etc. Every day is also advisable to break into blocks (for example, 10.00-19.00 - work, 19.00-21.30 - communicate with children, 21.30-23.00 - communicate with the husband) . Thanks to the drawing up of such plans for each day, you do not fail to pay attention to any of your loved ones.

Try to pamper yourself daily. For you it is very important to feel the taste of life. In the morning and in the evening, please yourself, this will allow you to recharge the positive for the whole day, and also help to relax and rest after a hard day. It will be enough simple things: take a contrast shower or aromatic bath, drink a cup of coffee with your favorite cake, watch a good comedy or listen to pleasant music.

Always stick to the plan to take care of yourself. At least once a month is worth visiting a beauty salon, to make a new haircut or dye your hair. Manicure is best updated weekly, and pedicure - every month. A few hours a week, give careful cleaning of the skin. Care of the skin should be done 2 times a day.

Periodically update the wardrobe. Get rid of things that for several years lie in the closet, because the fashion trends are changing, and you should not lag behind the present. Attend stores, consider new items, pay your attention to what the mannequins are wearing. If you think that you do not have good taste, ask for help from sales consultants, they will help you choose the right clothes.

Your confidence in yourself can beBeneficial effect of caring for appearance. Determine for yourself a woman you can consider a standard, it does not matter whether it's a pop star, an actress, your friend or mother. Observe her behavior and manner of dressing. It is important not to copy completely another person, but try to borrow only the best. Wear skirts instead of trousers, try to wear shoes more often on heels and apply cosmetics every time you leave the house. Then your attitude in yourself and the world around you will change noticeably.

No matter how impeccably you did not know the techniques of make-up, despite the magnificence of the makeup that you use, the perfection of your image depends not only on this.

Depending on the inner state of the soul, fromEmotional mood, the expression of the eyes and face depends. This can be called an internal make-up. It is very important to pay your attention to this. It is very important to be able to create the right psychological attitude for yourself. When you achieve this, then both new clothes and cosmetics will be able to decorate you.

Feel a woman can help and a positivemood. Learn not to mourn. This is difficult enough. Life realities constantly present us with a lot of surprises, which are able to withdraw from the state of equilibrium. But the internal balance is very important. By the way, to derive from this state can both negative and positive life circumstances.

The pendulum of a person's emotions is swinging witha certain amplitude, and the more it swings in one direction, the more then the other. If you observe yourself and analyze the life events of the previous year, you will be able to see this pattern.

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