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Numerology: Calculation of life cycles

Once people learned to count, numbersThere were "characters". They are identified with figures, the character of people, with celestial phenomena. In ancient Babylon, numerology was used in construction, in each building sacred numerical symbols were laid. There are Pythagorean numerology and kabbalistic. Both teachings are rooted in the Middle Ages.

Numerological systems
Numerology, calculation of life cycles consider parallel meanings of words through their numerical equivalents, and also analyze the meanings of names, birthdays and important historical dates.

Easy arithmetic

Every person and his name has a numeric code. It can be simplified or complicated, reduced to a prime number of up to 9 (in the Pythagorean system) or brought to a four-digit number (in Kabbalah).

The name code is defined in this way: Write down the numbers from 1 to 9, under them in several rows of the letter of the Russian alphabet. For foreign names, determine the correspondence of numbers to the letters of the Latin alphabet. So, the numerical code, for example, of the name Maria: 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 6 = 22.

We add a two-digit sum to a prime number and inThe result is "4". The numerical value of a person's name is received for life, as a group of blood. After changing the name, the main code of the person will remain the first value that was given to him at birth.

The question arises: Why are women named Maria so different? Because there is also a numeric patronymic of the patronymic, last name, hour, day, month and year of birth and codes of diminutive names. With colleagues who call you by name and patronymic, you are one way, and with a husband who uses a gentle affectionate nickname, quite differently.

And what in the sum?

How do numeric codes of numerology, calculationLife cycles of a name on people's attitudes? So, we already know that Maria's name has a numerical value of "4". Now we calculate the code for the male name, say, Ilya: 1 + 4 + 3 + 6 = 14. We add up to a prime number and in the end we have "5".

Codes of various names communicate with each otherJust like people. There are numbers-friends, numbers-enemies, number-relatives, numbers-lovers, number-partners. Each number has a character, and they "test" some feelings for each other. To understand how the relationship between these two people will evolve, we look at the personal code of each person - the characteristics of the character also influence the manner of communication. A balanced realist ("4") will make a good pair of a dreamy and liberal companion ("5"). If we add numerical values, we will see that these people form a stable, closed alliance. All these are the properties of the number "9".

Calculate the calculation and code of your name, study its characteristics and calculate the prospects for relations with another person.

Character Gallery

Individualist, charismatic, impulsive,Resolute, strong - willed person. A bright, slightly selfish person. The interaction of two "units" generates duality. These relationships resemble the tug of war, the transition of power from one source to another. In these pairs there is a constant struggle for leadership and superiority.

Doubting, sensitive, ready to adjustUnder another. "Dvaika" has wisdom and receptivity. Interaction "1" and "2" gives rise to the number of numerology "3", which symbolizes a harmonious desire for novelty. People form a dynamic creative union. Two "deuces" give "4" - stability and joint search for firm ground underfoot.

Strongly expressed
Optimist, creative person. Such a person is in search of a new one, is scattered, no endeavor brings to an end. Two "threesomes" generate the "six", a number that is traditionally attributed to the goddess of love Venus. Such relationships are harmonious, comfortable and beautiful.

A typical conservative. Each of his actions is based on a strict justification. Discipline, perseverance, ability to clearly set the goal help to go to the embodiment of the conceived. The relationship between the two "fours" is strictly programmed. In sum, they form the number of numerology "8" - a sign of infinity and the cycle of reincarnations of the human soul. Relations between the two "fours" are often fatal.

The number of dreamers, lovers of adventure. Such people are firmly on their feet, able to soberly assess the situation. Although often faced with broken hopes. Two people with the code "5" - the eternal struggle of opposites, because in the sum they give a unit.

In this struggle
The will, the strength of the spirit is born.

The possessor of this code of numerology does not representThemselves outside the collective. He is well versed in people, understands others, is able to surround them with care, always remembers about others' weaknesses. He is an ideal friend. In a relationship with such a person, everyone will feel comfortable.

He is wise and circumspect, but in his soul he always goesfight. He is very sensitive, vulnerable, inclined to self-contemplation. Perhaps, therefore, the two "sevens", having united, give a conflicting pair. A "five" - ​​a painful growth and a constant hint to the partner that he is the bearer of a variety of human qualities: from the best to the worst. The main characteristics of this person - ambition, energy, aspiration upwards. Strength, perseverance, professionalism help to achieve goals that will seem far-off to others. Two "Eights" - a complex pair, together they give the number "7".

Intermediate amount
- the number "16". This is a devastating number, but in constant interaction, partners become wiser.

They are self-sufficient, honest, principled people. We are ready to understand the weaknesses of others, but keep the distance. Two "nine" are perfect, the final sum of their interaction is also 9. These partners love each other, the couple is harmonious and interesting to others.

Boots and character

Pay attention to the noses of your chevalier's shoes - you can learn a lot about the character of a person from them.

Shoes with a blunt nose testifies that herThe owner hardly makes compromise. It does not differ in the flexibility of behavior and thinking. A stupid nose speaks of a developed sensuality and a desire for egocentrism. Such people are jealous, treat the partner as a property. Too stupid nose indicates that their owner is ambitious and easily amenable to someone else's influence, not having the strength to fight for his own opinion. If you want to achieve the benefactor's favor with a blunt-nosed shoe, behave as correctly as possible, do not bend it and do not make fun of its shortcomings.

The pointed nose of the shoes testifies to the wit of the owner, it is a man of free morals. At one time, the Duke of Anjou introduced fashionable shoes with a long curved nose. It was believed that the longer the nose,

The more noble a man is. The man who wears such shoes, craves power and recognition. Sharp-pointed shoes indicate a desire to flirt, flirt, intrigue, like others. Fans of "sharp noses" can not endure tediousness and rudeness.

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