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Anal sex and fears for women

As a rule, about anal sex, women's fears, inFirst of all, they speak about the moral and psychological perception of this process. For many women, anal intercourse is comparable to a dirty and shameful affair. But fears about the occurrence of possible injuries and physical pain are in second place and are less repulsive in nature.

Fear the first: a woman does not know much about what anal sex is, but because of what she heard, she is convinced that they do not need to be engaged

Of course, there are a lot of things in our world that we do not know about and it does not say that they are very bad things and they should cause fear.

But here it is worth remembering that anal sex is notOnce it was mentioned in the history of mankind. Since the time of ancient civilization, this kind of sex was revered in love joys between a man and a woman and most importantly, no one died from this.

Fear of the second: a woman had a negative experience before, or a friend told how it's still awful

Such fears have a very high barrier thatIt is very difficult to cross. Here, for recovery and a desire to try again such sex, it may take months or even years. But even after a long effort, it is not always possible to find a compromise in this delicate matter. Most often, this situation occurs at a time when an unskillful or aggressive man tried to do with a woman anal sex without the appropriate skills and without training.

Of course, the pain threshold of women is much lowerBut in this case, do not close your eyes and try to continue to force, because this leads to the dissatisfaction of a woman after sex and a complete reluctance to repeat it again.

Anal sex is a sensualA pleasure that should give a woman much more pleasure than vaginal sex. Therefore, you should not do this "fast" and forcibly. In case the partner does everything right and does not hurry anywhere, the woman will continue to offer him anal sex in the future.

Fear three: a woman used to have anal sex, which she generally liked, but she is inclined to think that frequent occupation is unnecessary and dangerous for them

The main reason for this fear of women is still the sameIgnorance, because people are of the opinion that frequent anal sex contributes to the development of various diseases, for example, because of frequent enema flushes, this can be a violation of the intestinal microflora or urogenital system diseases.

In this case, there are many examples,When couples very often resort to anal sex and the woman does not have any health problems. And yet, this kind of sex helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

And finally I want to add that all the fearsConcerning anal sex have their arguments and refutations, so, of course, they have the right to life. But if you want to dilute your "fresh" sex life, you need to overcome your fears and try anal sex. That's just not worth completely excluding vaginal sex, because in intimate affairs should keep a balance. And, of course, do not forget that all the recommendations about avoiding diseases are similar, as with vaginal sex: sex should be with a healthy partner, and in the process, do not forget about the use of condoms and special lubricants. Remember that with the right process and preparation for anal sex, you can not only receive an unusual pleasure, but also forget about your fears (or dispel existing ones) forever for this foreplay.

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