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Manifestation of jealousy in men

Manifestation of jealousy in men

If your lover decided to go to the theater afterThe way he learned that you go there with your acquaintance; If your man offers you a lift after you told him that a friend will drive you - these are the first signs that he is jealous of you.

Male jealousy manifests itself in a special way

This applies to those men who preferAct not directly, but look for workarounds, these men are always courteous. At breakfast he casually talks about your friend and asks: "How long have you known him?" Such men are embarrassed to show that they are jealous, but if they mention it several times a day, it is a sign of jealousy.

Another sign of jealousy is the reaction of yourMen for some kind of your friend. On the street you met your old friend, whom you have not seen for many years. You hugged, kissed each other and when you started talking, your lover is right there. He begins to get acquainted, tries to attract attention or will chat without stopping, only so that your friend and you do not talk only together.

In modern society, marriage should not be prohibitedAccess to communication with people. Although the cause for jealousy is adultery, a man can be jealous of his beloved for hobbies, computer, work and so on.

Jealousy is a complex feeling, this desirePossess and fear of losing a loved one, it is accompanied by a doubt in fidelity and in love, a feeling of passionate distrust, accompanied by anger and humiliation. All the jealous people want to keep beside themselves at any cost of another person, a sense of ownership, distrust of a partner, self-doubt, low self-esteem.

The consequences of excessive jealousy

  • Jealousy leads to a deterioration of relations between partners. Tears, scandals, surveillance, quarrels, reproaches and suspicions make the life together unbearable.
  • Frequent suspicions and reproaches in treason can lead to real change. Such treason is called "spite".
  • Jealousy reaches such a strength that it becomes obtrusive. The jealousy of jealousy manifests itself in the supposed rivals or in aggressive actions towards the partner.
  • External manifestations of jealousy have a bad effect on the health of children. And parents in an effort to cure a child are forced to put up with each other for the time being.
  • Strong jealousy has a bad effect on their health. Jealous people suffer from insomnia, their tense nerves lead to nervous breakdowns or stress, they have problems with the intestines, suffer from a headache.
  • Because of the experiences, the work of brain areas that are responsible for the metabolism is disrupted, which leads to weight gain. The immune system suffers and eczema may start.

Try to fight jealousy with such techniques

Find the reason if your partner doubtsYour fidelity, and this jealousy has developed into a habit. Introduce your husband to his friends of the opposite sex, making friends with them, he will understand that nothing threatens your happiness. It is important to ensure the confidence, reliability and stability in your relationship. Do not give reasons for jealousy, do not provoke jealousy. Forcing sometimes to be jealous of your partner, you need to remember that the feelings of other people and your own are quite inert. They need time for braking and for swinging. Play with jealousy, do not play. The main thing in this business is not to go very far. Never forget that a man needs to give his feelings, care and attention. You can say that the salt of love is jealousy. And when problems begin, there is a lot of salt, and then love becomes inedible.

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