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A dream interpretation of what a white bird dreams about

To see birds in a dream - as a rule, to good changes in life, toUpdate. The bird symbolizes a flight to unknown heights, a flight of fantasy, the ability to rise above ordinary problems. Birds in a dream are your emotions, beyond your control. If a lot of birds soar in the sky simultaneously, then such a dream indicates that you lack the integrity and concentration to bring your ambitious plans to real realization. A good dream if you see birds with beautiful plumage. If a woman sees such a dream, she should expect a quick and happy marriage or a new love.

Paired birds - geese, ducks, swans - resembleUs about the relationship in pairs. Ducks, especially mandarins are a symbol of a happy marriage, and in a flock of ducklings there is a cloudless, quiet family happiness. Geese is a sign of loyalty. Fly away into the sky birds - to change. Swans have a broader symbolism, with these birds associated with many mysteries and legends.

A pair of swans
Has to do with love and its manifestations,As tenderness and sexual desire. The swan is associated with the feminine principle (the princess Swan) - it is beautiful, wise, very attractive, but at the same time pure (white) and blameless. However, the beauty of this bird carries a sad symbolism in itself. In many cultures, the swan is correlated with death and can mean the completion of a certain stage or the completion of a romantic relationship. According to the legend, swans sing only the only time in their life - before death, that's why the expression "swan song" refers to some last note in a person's life. A pair of swans is a story of monogamous love for life.

A dream-book, to which a white bird dreams,That after the death of one bird, the second commits suicide: a stone falls down and breaks. In addition, the swan has to do with creativity and art, especially poetry. The appearance of this bird in a dream can convey a melancholy, a feeling of something going away. Swans are dreaming people of the poetic warehouse, inclined to dream of sublime feelings, but in reality these dreams are taken away from reality and lead to losses.

It is worthwhile to assess
Your feelings for your partner and stop giving upIllusions. It can be an illusion that without this person you can not live, that without romantic love your life is empty, that you will not find yourself a partner. The pond - unlike the river - is standing water, it speaks of the sensual, emotional sphere, which has a stable character. Either way, it means stagnation, lack of development. Here it is worth paying attention to the nature of the water. If it is still clean and transparent, it means that your health is not yet threatened. Muddy water - health problems are possible, fetid - too many toxins are accumulated in the body, which destroy both the psyche and the body. These are not simple toxins, but emotional ones: despondency, apathy, mistrust, melancholy. You wander through the rooms - finding yourself, your appointment, answering questions posed by life. Stairs and transitions - the need to solve some problems, to move to a new direction. To climb the stairs is to try to be closer to the mind (the roof), to act consciously. Going down - means immersion in the unconscious. The lower the floor, the deeper you go into yourself (the basement).

- this is the transition, the intermediate space,Leading to another dimension. You are trying to overcome dirty puddles - this can mean both an external unfavorable situation, and your internal problems. If the space in the house is soiled, it means that it is a matter of ill-being within you.

Pond with swans, all in pairs. I take one pair in an armful, I press to myself, my soul feels so good. They are gently poking at me with their beaks. And then I hear a voice: "Are not you afraid to get infected?" What a stupid thing, I think, but I let out swans. Then I go into a strange house. There are many people, stairs and crossings. I need to get up, he's waiting at the top. I rise and I see - on the spans and stairs is poured a mass, similar to the frozen soup. I balance between these puddles on one leg, I'm afraid to step on. But still I'm climbing to the very top.

I'm not afraid of love

The main symbol of sleep - a pair of swans - relationsmen and women. You are attracted by the image of a beautiful couple, innocence, purity. You want this, but there is fear, inspired by someone: it's messy. You are afraid of something connected with love. Understand what you really fear. Listen to the voice that advises you, try to catch who owns these words. Tell him: this is not so! I'm not afraid of love and new relationships. Another trick: to get rid of fear, become that same pool of sleep (it symbolizes your horror). Stay in this image, then perform a symbolic purification: imagine that you are standing under a waterfall or shaking off this unpleasant mass from yourself. Run it or ask to leave you. Imagine that the mass retreats and turns into something bright and pleasant.

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