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Astrological forecast for the scorpion for 2010

Scorpio 24.10-22.11

The talisman of the month: the jasper-blood.

Favorable days: April 24, 28, 7, 12 May.

Difficult days: April 26, 2, 10, 17 May.

Priority of interests: relations with a partner.

Love and Sex for the Scorpion

From 21 to 30 April. On April 21 and 22, there is a chance to build relations in harmony and harmony. April 23, the situation will change a little - or troubles with the authorities can affect your personal life. April 28-29 in you can prevail the spirit of confrontation, but do not fight with the partner for leadership. After April 25, you and your chosen one will show a strong interest in sex. From 1 to 10 May. A good day for romantic meetings and intimate relationships - May 2, but it's worthwhile to avoid talking about finances. May 5 - an unsuccessful date for sexual contacts. May 8 and 9 are suitable for love and entertainment.

From 11 to 20 May. 12,13 and May 14 - the best days for establishing a trusting relationship with your chosen one. It is possible that you will receive a serious offer from him. However, it is possible that you will meet resistance from parents - the choice is advised to do in favor of love. Sex in this decade will be the most harmonious.

Romantic date. To cheer yourself and your lover, book for a few hours a sauna - let hot steam help to drive away all doubts and worries. Be sure to make each other a massage, and after the steam room dive into the ice pool - impressions will the sea!

Family for scorpion

Not everything will go smoothly in your family affairs,Especially in relations with parents - at times irritation may arise, keep yourself in hand, control emotions. May 3 and 4 are suitable days for communication with brothers and sisters, if necessary, it is possible to clarify the difficulties in relations with neighbors. May 5 contact with the parents will be successful, you can also do this day on the arrangement of the house, but on May 6 it is better not to overload yourself with household chores and communication with relatives. May 7 and 8 pay attention to children.

Holiday for scorpion

You will want this month a littleTravel, but it will be a short trip during the astrological forecast for the scorpion for 2010. Try to make every such walk cognitive. Good days for a short trip are 3 and 4 May, and for a long journey on April 21 and May 18.

Place of power. A bridge across a wide river in the center of your city is a great place to look around and feel your own strength and capabilities. Substitute the face of the spring sun and the wind, feel the power of the current of the river - let this energy become inseparable from you.

Work and Money for the Scorpion

This month, you will need a lotWork hard to prove their professional worth. But everything will go more or less smoothly only after May 12, until this time the issues of career growth will be difficult to solve and on your way there can be various kinds of obstacles. April 22 and 23 are difficult days when it is better to avoid communication with management and not to take professional business to heart. May 1 is a good day for making important purchases, so spend it profitably. May 2, on the contrary, avoid impulsive spending.

Buying a month. Continue to form your unique image and this time choose the lipstick that you most go.

Energy and Harmony for the Scorpion

Hold on! Soon a second wind will open, and then any height will be subdued. The adventures are strictly contraindicated, especially for money. No gambling!

Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. You are offered a proposal of the hand and heart. You can not deny yourself anything. The very fate protects you now.

Source of positive for scorpion

Harmonious relations of two loving people - oneOf the most powerful sources of positive energy. Be like-minded in the family, feel every sigh of a partner. It's not for nothing that scientists calculated that happy spouses live longer than bachelors. So love, accept love and give a piece of your joy to the whole world - in return you will receive a whole ocean of light.

Pleasant trifles. A new music center, flowerpots with orchids, beautiful curtains, a book with Dina Rubina's novel, aromatic oils for a sauna, a rocking chair made of rattan, a massive vase of transparent glass.

Your elect scorpion

Love. It is this month that your chosen one is determined to have a faithful companion in his life. All that is connected with love, intimacy, will find in his soul a hot response. If he shows excessive ambitiousness - do not rush into battle, but gently step back.

Tone for the scorpion. He has enough strength, but some resources can go to fight for a place in the sun, so that nervous breakdowns and malaises are possible. For health this is the most dangerous month, since Scorpios are often sick at this time.

Finance for the scorpion. By May holidays, a small increase to the salary is possible. May 2 try to dissuade the partner from buying. Communication with partners will become positive after May 12. Financial risk is recommended in the same period, but not on May 16.

Work for the scorpion. Although your dear boy is struggling to prove at work that something stands as an expert, he does not always succeed. While there is enough energy, but is it worth continuing to fight against the wall. After May 12, everything will start to develop by itself.

Friends for the scorpion
. Now your only one again revisesCircle of his friends, to leave only the most reliable and faithful. He is not inclined to meet too often with friends in a noisy company, it is much more important for him to talk one-on-one with an old friend. Good days for communication - April 24 and 25.

Leisure for the scorpion. This month, small walks are preferable. It's also good to learn something new at leisure. You are quite capable of making up your chosen company.

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