/ General description of the signs of the zodiac

General characteristics of the signs of the zodiac


Women-ives are sociable, cheerful and attractive. They have a subtle sense of humor, have a large number of fans. Female rams easily fall in love, but also easily lose interest in the elect. Women's wisdom comes to such people rather late. Therefore they late start a family. Wife-Aries helps her husband to achieve success, often leads him.

The Aries man worships the opposite sex withEarly youth, he does not find fault in women. These men have very little responsibility, they are not drawn to family life. For male rams, only patient wives will do.

Aries can choose a calf, twin, archer, aquarius, and fishes as a life partner. Aries does not get along with cancer because of his slowness, with scales and ibex also will not find a common language.


Love is central to the life of the calf. From early youth, the calf has many novels. Taurus is beautiful, early acquires a family.

A woman-taurus is pleasant in communication, pretty. She carefully chooses his wife.

A man of bulls is an excellent husband and family man: loyal, reliable, house-proud. This is a real master. Taurus hides its passions in itself. He becomes a wonderful father.

A strong alliance will develop in a calf with a twin, a cancer, fish, a virgin, a ram, a goat. Taurus does not come together with a lion, a scorpion, an Aquarius.


Twins turn their entire life into a game, even families they create playfully. They are intelligent, witty, often restless.

A twin woman is very sexy, enjoys her attractiveness. She is intelligent and she has great taste. Loves the house, but the family for her is in the background after a successful career.

A twin man is charming, intelligent and impressionable. They like a pleasant pastime in the family circle, which is very cherished and honored by family traditions.

Successful partners: cancer, lion, scales, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus. Gemini does not come together with a virgin, archer, and fish.


Cancer has two conditions in life: Either he is in love or he is bored without love. They are passionate, loving nature. Having fallen in love, the cancer is so strongly experiencing this feeling that it can not sleep and do not have a few days.

A faithful woman and a faithful wife, she will make an excellent mother.

The cancer man is strongly attached to the parents' house, so the family creates rather late, often under the supervision of the parents.

For cancer, the following signs of the zodiac are suitable: a lion, a virgin, a scorpion, a fish, a calf. Cancer does not come together with scales, a capricorn, a ram.

A lion.

Lions are extremely romantic. Love they equate to veneration. Public opinion is very important for lions, but, falling in love, they are ready to go to extremes.

Female lions are beautiful. Such a woman is responsible, intelligent, watching herself. In people for her, the most important thing is honesty.

The lion man is very passionate. He will never become greedy, likes to give gifts. Such a man is a bit too sentimental. He will be happy in a relaxed atmosphere.

A pair for a lion: a lion, a scales, a cancer, an archer, an aries, a twin. The Lion neglects the Aquarius, the calf.


Virgo is incomprehensible, contradictory, impressionable. Often the maidens aspire to loneliness. Do not like criticism, often are misunderstood.

A maiden woman is reliable, she will become a good wife.

The maiden man strives for purity around himself andMonitors the health. For such men, sex is not important in family life, they require more spiritual communication. They are unromantic, but they are very optimistic.

Virgo will be happy with weights, capricorn, scorpion, bull, cancer, lion. They will not get along with archer, fish, twin.


The scales are lovely, adorable. They fall in love at first sight. They know what to infatuate, they rarely fall in love themselves. Libra - a happy sign.

Women-scales are sentimental, love popularity, aspire to it. Their family will be happy.

Men-scales know a lot about love, but they prefer the life of a bachelor. They are sociable, understand art.

Satellites of life for the scales: archer, aquarius, twins, lion, virgin.

Libra does not understand Capricorn and Aries.


Scorpions attract people to themselves. This is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Scorpions rarely acquire a family, but they never go alone. They easily recognize the evil intentions of people, they are perceptive and cunning.

A scorpion woman is vindictive, sensual, passionate.

A scorpion man is stubborn and selfish.

Scorpions are compatible with archer, goat, cancer, virgo, weights. Do not get along with the Aquarius, the calf.


The sign of bachelors. She does not like romance, but is sociable and good-natured. Sagittarius marriages are usually happy. They are active and active.

Sagittarius is compatible with the lion. Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, scales, scorpion. He does not like fish, maidens and twins.


Capricorns are practical in everything, even in love. She has many novels, but loves only once in her life. Capricorn does not tolerate loneliness. Capricorn is reliable, terse, stable. Capricorn always saves money, does not like luxury.

Capricorn will come together with Aquarius, fish, calf, virgin, scorpion. She will not take a ram, cancer, scales.


Aquarians live in their ideal world. He is one-sided, it is pleasant to communicate with him. Aquarius has many friends, it attracts people with strong will. Aquarius is an intellectual, strives for a versatile life. Builds relationships on trust.

Aquarius converges with fish, rams, twins, ibex, archers. He does not like a scorpion, a lion, a calf.


Pisces are passionate and intelligent people. They easily get carried away and bring things to the end. Fish early start a family.

A male fish fears to be rejected, so he is indecisive. A man-fish is a fine husband, he is generous, caring and kind.

Fishes will converge with a ram, calf, cancer, scorpion, goat, Aquarius, but do not like maidens and twins.

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