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Romantic dinner as a gift

For a romantic dinner as a gift to youSome details will be needed. Namely - free time, which you must choose yourself, a new and eye-popping outfit, decorations for decorating an apartment, a romantic album of your beloved band of a guy.

Choosing the right time for a gift

On the day you planned a gift dinner, youYou need to make sure that your beloved has enough time for this meal. It is best to present such a romantic gift to a loved one on his day off, since in the evening he can be tired of work and can not evaluate your efforts with dignity, having received the proper pleasure from the gift. Among other things, on this day you should completely exclude relatives and friends from entering your house, because this can spoil the planned dinner and disrupt the grandiose "premiere of presenting an exclusive gift", breaking all the canons of romance.

Gift menu

At the moment of compiling the menu you wantInclude in the dinner, you should include in the list of foods that are aphrodisiacs. For example, oysters, strawberries, eggs, greens, bananas and so on. It is worth noting the fact that food of this kind is able to perfectly enhance the sexuality of the guy. By the way, it is very important for a couple of days before "presenting this gift" to experiment with the dishes that will enter the main menu. This will help you in the process of preparing a romantic dinner to avoid many troubles. Cooking is in the greatest amount, adhere to the satiety and originality of dishes. From drinks, which should include a romantic dinner, you should choose a spanish or wine.

We are working on creating an image

The choice of hairstyle and attire is another componentYour gift. On this day, your appearance should be quite different from the one in which your loved one is accustomed to seeing you every day. By the way, putting on an expensive and branded evening dress is not necessary. You will just have to dress yourself up in an outfit that can get your boyfriend from the first moment when he looks at you. But about the luxurious underwear should not be forgotten. You are definitely determined to continue the banquet, but in other circumstances? Be sure to take care of the charming make-up and hairstyle.

Preparing the room

The premise for presenting the gift must beExecuted in a romantic style. Covered on a festive table, lighted candles, muffled light, romantic music - these are all the components of your romantic gift.

Dinner with your loved one

For the originality of the gift you must tieTo his beloved eyes with the help of a scarf. Let him be surprised. At the moment of dinner you should sit opposite each other. But in order that you do not interrupt a romantic meal, running to food in the kitchen, place all the dishes next to you on the table.

Continuation of gift

Having received such a gift, the guy will certainly wishContinuation. Why do not you dance a striptease for him at this moment or play a love game with him. You can also swim in a romantic dance or watch a romantic film.

And the last, the best time for awarding such aGift - this is Saturday, because the next day you can not where not in a hurry, wake up in each other's arms. Well, if you have plans in addition to a gift in the form of a passionate night, you should try to surprise your loved one by buying in sex-shop funds for love comforts.

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