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Opinion of doctors about anal sex


Opinion of a proctologist
Opinion of a psychologist about anal sex
The opinion of a sex therapist about anal sex

Opinion of a psychologist about anal sex

Such sex brings new sensations. The doctor's opinion about anal sex, which studies the psychology of many married couples comes down to good. This is due to the fact that many married couples, while being together for a long time, find their sexual life monotonous. And entering into an intimate life of such sex brings couples a new and incomparable pleasure. In addition, anal sex is not able to get bored. For a woman, anal sex is useful because the sexual act is longer than usual. Plus, conversations about anal sex are very exciting, and consent to him speaks of trusting his partner.

Why anal sex is useful

The opinion of a sex therapist about anal sex

According to doctors who study sexualLife, thanks to anal sex, some ladies who can not reach orgasm during a normal sexual intercourse, get their first and real orgasm. First and foremost, this is due to the fact that in the rectum there are special sexual zones, the massing of which leads to excitation, and as a result, to orgasm.

Opinion of a proctologist

According to proctologists, anal sex hasTheir "pitfalls". Speaking about anal sex, it is worth mentioning such diseases as hemorrhoids and its aggravation, the formation of cracks, stretching of the walls of the rectum, which eventually leads to diarrhea, incontinence, constipation and prolapse of the rectum. From the point of view of medicine, the anal canal is by nature not designed for sex.

In addition, anal sex provides forA high risk of contracting venereal and infectious diseases, since the rectal mucosa has a very thin structure due to which it can be very easily damaged.

Speaking about anal sex and its harm,Proctologists are concerned that people who constantly practice this type of sex are at risk of developing such deadly diseases as HIV and hepatitis C. This suggests that the rectal wall can not provide a protective barrier against the AIDS virus. By the way, such "love of joy" can cause the development of even anal cancer.

Why is anal sex useful?

For a woman, anal sex is dangerous in the first placeThe fact that in the process of having sex from the anus in the vagina on the male penis can get an infection. And in case the woman is not relaxed enough or has a fear of anal sex, she will feel pain not only in the process itself, but also after its termination. Also, a woman can develop a urinary tract infection (urethritis and cystitis).

In order to avoid consequences after anal sex proctologists strongly recommend following the following rules:

  • To engage in this type of sex is necessary, completely relaxed;
  • Before the practice of anal sex, it is recommended to follow the rules of hygiene: to use the shower, to make a cleansing enema;
  • Mandatory use of special grease;
  • At the moment of feeling unpleasant sensations or pain, it is worth interrupting the act;
  • Anal penetration should not be deep, slow and do not have sharp movements that can lead to the formation of anal fissures;
  • Use a condom, which after the anus should definitely change, if you want to continue to engage in ordinary sex;
  • With exacerbation of hemorrhoids anal sex is prohibited;
  • If you want to get benefit from anal sex, they should not be engaged more than 2-3 times a month.

And finally, proctologists say that the frequent occupation of this type of sex can lead to all of the above consequences.

In conclusion, I want to add that the use of anal sex with benefit to the body can only be if you resort to this process correctly, and most importantly not often!

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