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Astrological forecast for the fish sign for 2010

Pisces 20.02 - 20.03

Talisman of the month: red coral.

Favorable days: April 27, 2, 12, 16 May.

Difficult days: 23, April 29, 7, 14, 20 May.

Priority of interests: study, new acquaintances.

Love and Sex for the sign of fish

From 21 to 30 April. April 21 is a good day for love and a romantic meeting, you can relax and take a walk for fun. Suitable for talking with a partner and generally for the harmonization of relations on April 24 and 25. April 27 will intensify interest in the intimate sphere, and there will be no obstacles for this. New acquaintances are also being planned, but communication channels are still not working well. From 1 to 10 May. These days everything will pass without special problems and conflicts in the relationship, although there will still be difficulties in communication. On May 8 and 9 you will be the most open and emotional, able to give joy to your loved one.

From 11 to 20 May. Starting from May 12, it will be much easier for you to communicate with your second half, it will be even easier to make new acquaintances and support existing connections. Difficulties in love can arise on May 16-17, but they will not be as significant as it seems at once.

Romantic date. In the spring evening it is good to get out on the quay and take a walk near the sea or the river. You can also choose a place for a meeting where there are no cars and cleaner air, best in a park or park with a lush spring greens. After such a walk, the feelings become more gentle, health is stronger, and the mood and relations are more harmonious.

Family for the sign of fish

This month the astrological forecast for the signFish for 2010, you will have to communicate a lot with relatives and, perhaps, help to solve their problems. It is not excluded and disputes with neighbors on the house, and till May, 12th it will be difficult to find the decision satisfying all. April 13-14 everything will be decided for the better. Children need special attention on April 21 and May 17-18. A good day for communicating with relatives is May 2, but on May 5 it's better to be alone. Communication with parents and other family members will be favorable May 15-16.

Rest for the sign of fish

This month you are suitable for a holiday countryWalk, you can briefly leave. Especially suitable for this purpose on 12, 13 and 14 May, but in general any days are good. Long trips are possible, especially together with your chosen one.

Place of power. A clear lake in the forest or at the foot of the mountains will become for you an inexhaustible source of strength and energy. Water is your native element, and when you have a bad mood, and you feel a breakdown, try to communicate more with it.

Work and Money for the sign of fish

The money you get is not easy - this monthWill have to work hard to get a decent salary, but the work will also be a little too much. In the office, not everything will go smoothly, until May 12, there may be problems associated with poor communication, a "spoiled phone" will interfere with normal operation. After May 12-13, everything will go much easier. Career still depends on your personal efforts, a good day - April 30, you can get some nice news. May 1, despite the festive mood, it would be nice to gather your thoughts and build professional plans for the coming month.

Buying a month. Let it be surely something bright and brilliant - for example, a new ring with your favorite gem.

Energy and Harmony for the sign of fish

Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. Devote these days to your beloved. I want movement and activity. Now everything is on your shoulder. Any beginnings are successful. Urgently in the gym! Not for achievements, but for health and a good mood. Refuse bad habits. Arrange unloading days, go to the sauna.

The source of the positive for the fish sign

This month the source of positive energyWill be for you, surprisingly, new knowledge. Live and learn. Read as much as possible, try to find information from the most incredible sources, collect books at home and electronically on a computer, communicate with intellectually developed people and, of course, try to develop yourself. New knowledge will only enrich you.

Pleasant trifles. A new negligee, Mozart's music collection, silverware, stiletto sandals, trendy haircut, a bouquet of lilac in a new exquisite vase.

Your chosen fish

Love. This month, your chosen one will certainly take into account that the woman loves the ears, and will say a lot of pleasant words to you. However, do not take them too seriously - until he is ready to move on in the relationship. If you already have long and lasting relationships, then he will devote a lot of time to communication with different people, to learning, to self-education, and to you to devote free minutes.

The tone for the fish sign. His health as a whole is normal, but there is a risk of inflammatory processes or diseases of the cardiovascular system associated with nervous overwork at work. Strengthen health will help sports, it is also useful to periodically be alone.

Finance for the sign of fish. The difficult financial situation is due to the fact that he has to work very hard. Material return will be, but not immediately, and, most likely, it will not be completely satisfied. The best thing you can do is not overstrain yourself with finance.

Work for the sign of fish
. Your chosen one is very busy at work, and up toMay 13 this will be associated with stress and congestion. After this date, everything will go much more successfully, and finally a material result will be obtained. Difficult days - April 22-23, there is a possibility of conflicts and work at work, which can affect his health.

Friends for the fish sign. Friends this month play an important role, it is possible that one of them will become a business partner of your chosen one. Good days for communicating with friends - on May 3 and 4, it will be possible to talk about the matter, and relax. The easiest way to communicate with Gemini in the second half of the month, with Taurus, difficulties in mutual understanding may arise.

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