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Astrological forecast for Aquarius for 2010

Aquarius 21.01 - 19.02

Talisman of the month: hyacinth.

Favorable days: 21, April 29, 4, 14, 18 May.

Difficult days: April 25, 2, 9, 16 May.

Priority of interests: harmony in the family, home cares, dacha.

Love and Aquarius Sex

From 21 to 30 April. In the first and second decades of the astrological forecast for Aquarius for 2010, probable problems in communicating with your loved one, so you will need patience, wisdom and ability not only to speak, but also to listen. April 22-23 beware of the conflict, and on April 24 and 25 - favorable days for intimacy. After April 25, your relationship will be particularly beautiful. From 1 to 10 May. The difficult period in your relations continues, the struggle for leadership and advocacy of rights is likely. April 6 is a very busy day, when you want to make all your claims, but the consequences can be very difficult. In communications, everything is still not going smoothly, but none of you is to blame for this. From 11 to 20 May. Starting from May 12, finally, communication will improve, and on May 15-16 your romantic meeting will be marvelous. However, on May 19-20, the contradictions in the relations that can be settled again will become more acute.

Romantic date. All Aquarians have a strong interest in astrology, and you, most likely, are no exception. Put on the laptop an astrological program, enter there the data of your chosen one and share with him the interpretation. We assure that it will not only be very interesting, but also useful for your rapprochement with your loved one.

Family for Aquarius

May 13-14 can update the situation in the house. If you need to make peace with someone from your family, then now is the best time for this. Gather the whole family - you have something to talk about. Until May 12, some difficulties in communicating with parents are possible, but after that date everything will be fine. A good day for family affairs and communication with children - 2 and 15 May. You should not take the initiative in home affairs on May 5. Matrimonial relations can become complicated on April 22-23 and May 19-20.

Rest for Aquarius

It is unlikely that this month you will want to go somewhereFar, rather, you prefer to rest at home, in the circle of relatives. You can arrange a house, plant flowers, turn a balcony or loggia into a beautiful, cozy place to relax.

Place of power. To restore strength and energy, you need to visit a big city with its constant bustle. If you are lucky and you live in a metropolis, use its energy for one hundred percent, and if you are a resident of a small town - visit the regional center or the capital, you will not regret the result.

Energy and Harmony for Aquarius

Gathering strength is not easy. It is worth a little rest. Lie on the couch. Meditation will help to find inner harmony. Do not stumble on your loved ones.

Hold on! Soon a second wind will open, and you will immediately feel lighter and more cheerful. Be close to nature. The difficult period has passed, it will help to recover.

Work and Money for Aquarius

The work does not cause you special stress. After all, it is not so much to worry about that you will not be able to cope with the task. At the same time, there are opportunities for earning - some of your friends will give you favorable offers or your sponsor will take care of your material well-being. Anxiety about a career can arise on April 26-27, but it will pass quickly. Financial well-being also depends on your personal efforts. It is possible that at the end of the month you will want to innovate in your business.

Buying a month. Stylish sunglasses will make your image even more mysterious.

The source of the positive for Aquarius

Look for positive emotions in your memoriesClose. Open an old album with memorable photographs of your family and ask older relatives about the fate of everyone, what important events were filled with their lives. Learn about family relics - what story do they store? This communication will give you a warm and sincere pastime with relatives. Feel your roots, get the support of the genus - and soon you will be able to fly high and achieve great goals.

Pleasant trifles. Bright sandals on the platform and an air dress in a fine floral print.

Work for Aquarius
. At work, everything is fine, although from time to timeUnresolved problems and pending tasks can emerge. Now is the best time to deal with them. Until May 12, the negotiation process will take place with great difficulty. It will be difficult for lawyers and representatives of other public professions.

Friends for Aquarius. Aquarius can not live without friends. May 1 we recommend to receive guests at home. Although in this month I will probably prefer a company of friends to a company of close relatives. It will be easy to communicate with Virgo, it is difficult with Taurus.

Leisure for Aquarius. Rest at the cottage is a very good option, you can breathe air, and be with your family, and do something useful, for example, to improve the summer cottage area.

Your Favorite Aquarius

Love for Aquarius. Now he does not have a good period for love. Your beloved actively seeks to build relationships with a position of strength that involves fighting between you for supremacy. If you are not ready to yield, then until May 12-13, you will have to suffer until the situation becomes more peaceful.

The tone for Aquarius. Not a bad feeling, but there may be a difference in mood. May 6 it is better for him to be alone with himself and not start important business. If necessary, then May 3-4, you can go to the hospital for a few days for examination or treatment.

Finance for aquarius. He has a generally good financial situation thanks to friends and sponsors. Although there may be disagreements with business partners before May 13. At the end of the month he will want to make changes in the way of making money - this will be preparation for the future breakthrough.

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