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Astrological forecast for the sign Aries for 2010

Talisman of the month: ruby.

Favorable days: April 26, May 1, 11.15.

Difficult days: 22, 28 April, 13, 19 May.

Priority of interests: material issues, food, shopping.

Love and Sex for the sign Aries

From 21 to 30 April. Although you are very romantic, but 22.23 and 24 April are difficult days for any activity in the sensory sphere. April 22 emotions can play a cruel joke, keep yourself in hand. On April 27, all the contradictions that have arisen with the partner will be resolved. On April 28-29, spend with your loved one, do not succumb to a bad mood that periodically overwhelms you.

From 1 to 10 May. You are ready to invest a lot of your energy in the development of relations, but at the same time it is difficult for you to reach agreement in the financial and intimate spheres. On May 1, you will be able to rise above everyday affairs and talk with your chosen one about what brings you closer. Your desire to be independent and play a leadership role in the relationship can lead to a conflict on May 6. From 11 to 20 May. This decade will be calmer than the previous one. On May 11, there is an opportunity to smooth out the tension in your union and restore relations to ease and openness. May 20 is better not to start serious conversations, and in general to communicate less.

Romantic date. Energy in you and boils, so the atmosphere of the meeting should be very, very active during the astrological forecast for the sign Aries for 2010. Invite your chosen one to share with you the thrill of an extreme sport - parachute jumps or just go roller-skating in the city park.

Family for the sign of Aries

In order for the energy that is bubbling in you to be directed toA peaceful channel, it will be useful to spend April 21 at home, with the family. On April 22 and 23, try not to criticize children, as this will be just a projection of your own internal state. In general, it will be difficult for you to find mutual understanding with the child before May 14, but it is better if you do not pressure him and dictate your conditions. There will also be a lot of expenses related to the needs of children, although this does not always appeal to you. At the very end of the month you expect large financial costs for the house and family.

Rest for the sign of Aries

This month, any active sports are good,Power loads, mobile games - in general, everything that contributes to the release of excessive adrenaline. April 30 is better not to go on a trip, to start traveling more suitable for 1 May. On May 8-9, it is useful for you to be alone, to put in order thoughts, emotions and analyze past events.

Place of power. You should remember that innocent people can become the victim of your energy splash. To release steam, you can remember the childhood and go to the shooting gallery - with pleasure shooting at the targets, you will feel emotional relief, and perhaps even win a prize.

Work and Money for the Aries Sign

In general, this month is very important for yourMaterial prosperity, and there is a possibility of a large amount of money coming in - as a result of your long work, as well as a generous attitude towards those around you. Now is the time to complete a long-term project. Despite some obstacles in work, on May 3-4, positive changes in the career are possible.

Buying a month. April 21-25 update the contents of your cosmetic bag, and on May 2 buy an interesting book or something from electronics - a mobile phone, a player.

Energy and Harmony for the Aries Sign

Gathering strength is not easy. It is worth a little rest. Loneliness does not hurt you now. Be close to nature. Fresh air will improve mood, health and complexion.

Urgently in the gym! There you will throw out extra energy, without harming anyone. Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. Passions will settle, and harmony will come.

The source of positive for the sign of Aries

This month, the most important source of goodMood for you will be shopping. Take a leisurely stroll to your favorite shops, better in the company of like-minded people. Shopping and new things are always pleasing, and especially when you choose a gift for a loved one. It does not have to be an expensive thing. The main thing is that you can understand the preferences and interests of your chosen one and convey your attitude towards him. Dare, you will succeed, because giving gifts is as pleasant as getting them yourself.

Pleasant trifles. Magic symbols, figurines, symbolizing and bringing happiness, good luck.

Your chosen Aries for Aries

Love for the sign of Aries. Your Aries wants to dominate the situation, so it will be very difficult for him to make compromises and generally do something wrong, as he wants. Your endurance and wisdom will help. Especially avoid discussing financial topics.

The tone for the sign is Aries. His health is now in order, and preventive measures will help to get rid of all problems once and for all. This month is very favorable for strengthening the body in any way - sports, hardening, diet, especially April 24-25, May 12-14.

Finance for the sign Aries. Now there is a good opportunity to lay a financial foundation for the future. May 2 is a good day for cash transactions, and on May 5 it is better not to take the initiative. May 12-13 is probably receiving money and spending pleasantly.

Work for the sign of Aries. To the fact that your dear will have to spend a lot of time in the service, you should be optimistic. Current work directly affects his future career, and it is important to complete all long-term projects of the last year. April 24-25, he will cope with the routine, and already on May 3-4, interesting proposals for the future are possible.

Friends for Aries
. He is not yet very inclined to communicate with friends, andThis is correct, now there are more important things to do. Especially since in the environment there can appear very doubtful people, which should be avoided. May 6 is the most difficult day for communication.

Leisure for the sign Aries. The more time your loved one will spend in the open air or in a sports complex, the better it will affect his energy. Showing any active types of recreation, and if the weather allows, you can get out on a one-day hike. Traveling is not required, but if there is a desire, go on a journey on May 1st. May 8-9 it is useful to him to stay in solitude.

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