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Astrological forecast for sign scales for 2010

Libra 24.09 - 23.10

The talisman of the month is amazonite.

Favorable days: April 27, 2, 12, 16 May.

Difficult days: 23, April 29, 7, 14, 20 May.

Priority of interests: active rest, sex, psychology, mysticism.

Love and Sex for the sign of scales

From 21 to 30 April. The first decade of the month will pass quietly, the relationship will be harmonious. Good days - April 26 and 27, when you are emotional, open. Enjoy your love and give your loved one warmth and care.

From 1 to 10 May. For communication are suitable for almost all days, but a particularly difficult day - May 6, it is better not to clarify the relationship and, in no case to make a claim - most likely, you will be biased and only complicate the situation. This day is not suitable for a romantic date.

From 11 to 20 May. May 10-11, it is quite possible to clarify all the contradictions in your relationship without risk of spoiling them in the astrological forecast for the sign of the scales for 2010. Most likely, you finally make it up and the next three days from 12 to 14 May will be held in the holiday of love - these are the most favorable days for intimate communication. However, on May 14 in you there may be some struggle between the desire for pleasure for yourself and the need to reckon with a partner.

Romantic date. Create an uninhabited island at home, where you can spend the three happiest days of this month. If there is an opportunity to retire, it's fine, and you can turn off all communication channels with the outside world. Stock up on delicious food, light wine and sweets - all this is very much even useful.

Family for the sign of scales

Your family affairs are solved without much effort,The main thing is that you pay due attention to them. Plan important purchases for the house, the best days for this are 3 and 4 May, then you can do the decoration of the apartment, improve the situation, and prepare a festive dinner. Communicate with parents and other relatives. May 5, spend enough time with the child. May 6, be careful in dealing with children, do not let them provoke you to anger. Other days will pass quietly. If there are relevant circumstances, it is possible to receive an inheritance, fate will be favorable to this on May 13-14.

Rest for sign scales

Although this month is not too much freeTime for entertainment, yet you will be able to rest completely. April 30 and May 1, you can get into a small car ride. May 15-16, you may want to go on a more distant journey. This month also favors everyone who loves extreme sports - luck will be with you.

Place of power. In the center of the city where you live, there is probably a small but cozy restaurant in the cellar where a live jazz band plays. Let this place become your favorite place of rest after a working day - to drink a cup of coffee or a glass of cocktail to the sounds of saxophone or guitar will be very pleasant.

Work and Money for the sign of the scales

Your financial affairs are not bad, although all thatConcerns your earnings, can be covered with a halo of secrecy until the last moment. It is also favorable to take a loan or put money in a bank. There will be a lot of work, and you will cope with it, will help at the right time useful links and timely information received. Career has not yet moved, but this is not a reason for the disorder.

Buying a month. Continue to equip your house. This month, one option is a microwave oven with a grill.

Energy and Harmony for the sign of scales

You can not deny yourself anything. Your charm works wonders, you will succeed. Possible pleasant and useful "dating." Generously give love to others.

Be close to nature. Mayvka in the forest, on the grass will give you the best impressions. The adventures are strictly contraindicated. Determine the measure in everything: in work, leisure and communication.

Source of the positive for the sign of the scales

A source of good mood and positiveEmotions a month in advance for you will become a full and intimate life. Get in touch with your chosen one. Eliminate any other communication so that even phone calls do not interfere with you. Feel free to discover new sides in yourself, let your femininity and sexuality manifest, and you will see how the worries and troubles that have troubled you for a long time go away. Enjoy the communication with your loved one, you have the right to do this,

Pleasant trifles. A pair of sets of lace underwear, a new swimsuit for the pool, a mobile phone with removable multi-colored panels.

Your chosen scales

Love. Now he has a period of heyday in an intimate relationship - use the situation. A small quarrel can occur on May 6, on this day, stay away from each other. May 12-14 - very favorable days for sexual relations.

Tone. His state of health is now better than last month, but this is a temporary respite, when it is possible to prevent all weaknesses in the body. Now is the time to take a survey. For health procedures is suitable for May 8, you can start this day a cycle of diet or exercise.

Finance for sign scales
. The money at your dear is all right. Now is a good month to invest in risky projects, invest in securities, take large loans for business development. The best days are 13 and 14 May.

Work for sign scales. Your partner has a lot of work, and he likes it. The most important thing is that every day you have to communicate with many people and view the mountain of information. And although the career is still at the same stage as before, you might think that it is high time to stop and what you would like to do with the new ones.

Friends for the sign scales. Your chosen one is set for active communication with friends, although not all meetings and conversations will end successfully. In the third decade everything is normalized, it is possible to build joint plans and projects. On May, 19-20th at a meeting with the friend it is necessary to behave in hands and not to indulge emotions.

Leisure for sign scales
. This month you can practice all kinds of sports, especially extreme sports. So go to the Alps or Egypt - depending on the sports preferences of the chosen one.

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