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Anal sex for pregnant women

Infections and inflammations

In fact, anal sex for a pregnant woman,Which does not have pathologies and abnormalities, will not cause harm. However, many pregnant women still should not abuse this type of sex, because of a number of specific reasons related to their health. For example, anal sex is not desirable in the case when a woman has hemorrhoids. After all, in pregnant women, it can increase. Also, with bleeding hemorrhoids, during anal sex, a pregnant woman may increase blood liberation. Such noticeable blood loss in pregnant women is harmful for the child. Even anal sex is not desirable in the case when a woman often has inflammation near the anus after anal sex. The fact is that the blood vessels during pregnancy increase, and the inflammation becomes more pronounced. In fact, it turns into an open wound, which can easily be infected. Infection can even be sexual, which further increases the risk for the child. Therefore, anal sex during pregnancy can only be in a condom. Even if you are confident in your partner, you should never forget about sexual infections, which can be brought not only by sex.

The threat of disruption

Anal during pregnancy is not recommendedFor the reason that there are a large number of receptors in the rectum. Severe irritation of these ends can lead to pregnancy disruption. If you are engaged in anal sex, using lubricants, remember that they can cause allergic reactions in a pregnant woman, even if previously this was not observed.

Drawing conclusions based on the above,We can say that with the slightest suspicion of any health problems, pregnant women should stop anal sex for this period. Also remember that if you felt pain and discomfort with anal sex, which were not previously observed, immediately consult a doctor. In this case, you will be 100% sure that the child is safe and learn from a specialist how to do it better in your case.

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