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Astrological forecast for 2010 for the virgin

Astro forecast from 21.04 to 20.05

Virgo 24.08-22.09

Favorable days: April 24, 3, 8, May 17.

Difficult days: 22, April 28, 5, 13, 19 May.

Priority of interests: the search for spiritual ideals, travel.

Love and Sex for the Virgin

From 21 to 30 April. Relationships are entering a serious phase, and you really want to build them for a long time. Favorable days, when you will be open to communication, - on April 24 and 25. But for sex this decade is not very successful, although you are attracted to each other, there may be obstacles to the meeting. From 1 to 10 May. The best days for love and romantic meetings are on 3 and 4 May. It's great if you can hold them with your chosen one away from home. Pay more attention to the discussion of spiritual values, because this will become the basis of your happy family. May 7 and 8, we can safely discuss the most difficult issues, but on May 9 should be avoided serious conversations, since there is a risk of misunderstanding. From May 11 to May 20. May 12 is a good day for a heartfelt talk, in which you can share the most intimate with each other. May 16 - your concern with professional affairs can adversely affect the communication with your partner. Choose modesty and strive to live by the principle of the golden mean.

Romantic date. The most wonderful date is that you can spend in another city or country. Even if you leave only for the weekend, you will feel that the time goes completely different. Have fun, visit interesting places and, of course, from time to time come to have a snack in a cozy cafe.

Family matters
This month will go without tension for the astrological forecast for 2010 for the virgin, do not need to spend too much time at home and its arrangement, now the main thing is the relationship itself.

April 28-29 is good to communicate with loved onesRelatives. April 30 and May 1 would be great to spend with parents, for example, in the country, where you can collect the whole family: in the afternoon - in the garden, and in the evening - for a cup of tea. On May 3 and 4, children will need your attention, go on a small trip with them, or just socialize on various topics.

May 7 and 8 can deal with complex issues in relations with the spouse, and on May 9 it is better to rest and not raise in the conversation painful topics.

Rest for the virgin

Be sure to try this monthGo on a trip, which has long dreamed of. Choose the country you like and prepare well - buy a card, book a hotel, read the list of attractions and do not forget about health insurance. The best days for departure are 12, 13, 14 May.

Place of power. Working in the fresh air will give you new powers and will charge with energy. Now is the time for planting, caring for garden trees and improving the cottage.

Work and Money for the Virgin

As for finance, there are no hardRestrictions, as in the previous month, so you can allow yourself some nice shopping on April 27th. Difficult day at work - May 6, hold on and do not let you get mad. After May 12, your career will skyrocket and there will be an opportunity for further training in another city. May 16, do not take professional business to heart, think philosophically about the problems.

Buying a month. A new iron is a great purchase and an important investment for keeping your wardrobe in perfect condition.

Energy and Harmony for Virgo

Refuse bad habits. Self-discipline and organization is your motto. Urgently in the gym! Moderate physical load will improve both the form and mood. Possible pleasant and useful acquaintances. With a loved one - full mutual understanding. You can go on a trip. Satisfy the thirst for impressions in full.

The source of positive for the virgin

The biggest source of positive emotions for you- obtaining knowledge about the world, its structure, contact with eternal ideals and values. Very nice if you can gain new impressions on a trip abroad, but if it does not work out, just read more, talk with wise people, visit historical museums and get acquainted with the customs of other countries. It is possible that you will not only get new knowledge, but also new useful acquaintances.

Pleasant trifles. Set for a picnic in nature is useful for a romantic date or spending time with friends in the fresh air.

Your Maiden Maiden

Love. Everything goes well - your man becomes too responsible in love, and this benefits the relationship. This month does not foresee serious problems and tensions, you will understand each other with a half-word. May 3 and 4 are ideal days for communication and entertainment with your loved one.

Tone for the virgin
. It's time to take care of your health andObservance of the regime of the day and nutrition. It's good to part with bad habits and limit yourself in excesses - so you can keep well-being for many months ahead.

Finance for the Virgin. Material issues this month will not take him too much, since there is no particular reason for concern. Although no growth in income is foreseen, it will receive a salary on time. May 11, you can invest in a new project or securities, but you need to keep your affairs secret from the curious.

Work for the virgin. His career is not so fast and easy as we would like. May 6 is an unfavorable day when routine matters or conflict can knock him out of the rut. In the third decade, things will go much more successfully, and obstacles to advancement will begin to disappear. A difficult day - May 16, it is better not to come into contact with the authorities.

Friends for the virgin
. April 21 and May 18 are good days when he can relax in a company of friends and socialize without thinking about time. A good discussion will turn out with Taurus, and with the Twins there will be contradictions.

Leisure for the virgin. Try to persuade the dear to some kind of romantic trip on May 12-14. But on April 22-23 and May 20 he needs to be alone to restore balance, take stock and plan a joint future.

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