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Family life of the Swedish family

Family life of the Swedish family

In Sweden, apart from the official registration of relationsAnother marriage is practiced - the Serb. This is a guest marriage, when each of the spouses lives on its territory, lives a separate life, the spouses meet only on weekends and rest together. Serbo is a variant of our civil marriage. Its difference from ours is that such relations are recognized by law. Only property remains separate. Probably, for this reason, those couples who have lived for many years, practice separate budget management. It is considered normal, when in a restaurant each person pays for himself. To live in this marriage, the couple submits an application to the tax police and concludes a contract for a certain period. Swedes do not suffer treason and if they encounter it, they break off relations. Therefore, the percentage of broken couples is very high. A common phenomenon was the change of partner, the so-called monogamy.

In the Swedish family, equality

In Sweden, between a woman and a man in everythingEquality, this is enshrined in legislation and conducted at the state level. Vacation for child care is provided to the father and mother. The pope will not be able to waive the leave to take care of the child in favor of the mother. When a divorced child spends the same amount of time with his father and mother. Previously, 37 years did not create a family. Women late give birth to children, they become mothers by the age of 40. The Swedish family has 2 or 3 children. Men in Sweden are wonderful fathers, they take care of children as well as women. They walk with children and play football. The Swedish father can cook breakfast and change the diaper.

Attitude towards the child

A distinctive feature of the upbringing of a child inSwedish family - he is treated as an independent person, he is not imposed by the decision of adults and is treated with respect. He is responsible for his actions and decisions. If a child asks for a drink, he is offered to make his own choice. For example, a child may disobey and climb into a puddle, while he will not make comments. But when he is frozen and wet will come home, then this life lesson he will learn independently.

Swedes raise a cautiousDisposition of money. The child himself disposes of money and plans his budget. Children once a month or once a week give some fixed amount, parents do not control where and how this money will be spent. After all, you can go to the cinema or a cafe, and you can save a little and buy something significant.

Violence in Swedish families is ruled out forOwn children. The law protects the child. There are many cases when relatives arrived to visit, they collided with law enforcement bodies. When the grandmother or grandfather in the heat of feelings spanked the child, he called the police. Then the court followed and the payment of a fine.

Sex education in a Swedish family begins withPreschool age. This is a normal topic for open and free discussion. It is better to explain the child in five years, when there is no increased interest in this topic and when sexual functions are not active.

Family Institute in Sweden differs from RussianInstitute. It is not fair to say that it is worse or better. In this country, men truly reveal themselves in the role of father, and at this time women make a career. Feminization of women has led to a large number of divorces. Many men are looking for wives in Russia, in Sweden Russian wives enjoy great success.

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