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Color of eyes and character of the person

Green eyes.
They are stubborn, principled, insistent. They are often professionals. They enjoy authority, but rarely come out as leaders. They are inherent in realism and justice.
Owners of green eyes because of high demands rarely find their ideal. They are distinguished by mystery, but they themselves are well versed in people. They are characterized by softness and lack of conflict.
For strangers they are impregnable and proud, for loved ones - tender and affectionate.

Brown, black eyes.

Point out the difficult nature. They are characterized by energy, passion, excitement. They are active, confident and purposeful leaders. For them, human recognition is a necessary condition in the work.
They are attractive, sensual and amorous nature.

Light brown, hazel eyes.
The light color of the iris of the eyes is a sign of shyness and modesty of their owner. These are hardworking people, accustomed to rely only on themselves. They are accommodating and sensitive.

Blue eye color.
Characteristics: romantic, dreamy, vulnerable, sensitive. They are generous and conscientious people. Often talented. Their distinctive feature is a rich imagination and fantasy.
A cold blue tint of the eye belongs to a cruel person. Such people are demanding of themselves and others, they are purposeful, they love diversity.
The eyes of the warm shades of blue speak of the complaisance of character.

Grey Eyes.
They describe reliable and honest workers. Balanced, intelligent, practical, restrained and even a little dry in communication. Give a sense of security. They are related to non-ambitious, self-sufficient people who are well-kept afloat. Always give advice and support in difficult times.

Gray-blue eye color.
Their character is a mixture of the qualities of the owners of blue and gray eyes. A strong advantage is an almost perfect combination of imagination and mind.

Gray-green eyes.
People with this eye color are differentPragmatism, a realistic view of things, a cold intellect and the ability to feel the situation subtly. They combine sensuality and intelligence, flexibility and intuition. They are very caring and sympathetic.
They are gentle, but one who goes against them, runs the risk of being ruthlessly trampled.
The ability to listen leads them often to the role of a waistcoat for others. In general, they are conscientious and hardworking people.

Yellow eye color (tiger, snake).
It is rare among people. Their owners, indeed, extraordinary personalities: extremely unpredictable, resourceful, artistic. They are good and devoted friends. But God forbid they could be among their enemies. They are very secretive, cunning, insightful and delicately sensitive to lies - they are almost impossible to hold.

Gray-brown-green eyes.
Each of the shades brings in the character partTheir features, but they are not balanced with each other. A person with this eye color is often confused when choosing a line of behavior in a problem situation, but easily adapts to almost any situation. They are reliable and patient companions, but they are indecisive and slightly unorganized. Such characteristics make them irreplaceable partners alongside a confident and strong leader.

Different shades can be present in this color of the eyes in different proportions. And which of them predominates, its qualities are present in the character of the person to a greater extent.

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