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Why do desires come true?
The fulfillment of desires begins when weWe begin to think about what we want. Life is surprisingly harmonious, no matter what we think about it. What we feel sooner or later finds its place in reality. It is not known how, but our consciousness is able to influence what is happening around. And, indeed, if something is very strong to want, it will certainly come true, thanks to the power of our consciousness.


The first sign of whether the wish will come true or not,It's your ability to vividly imagine the finished result. If you can easily imagine a new car or position, then this desire has a chance. If the picture does not add up yet, maybe it is not the time or the desire is not so important for you.
Train your imagination. Daily imagine the desired, adding more details. The picture should be bright, including the smallest details. If you just want to become happy, but do not know what can make you this, then this desire is unlikely to come true.
If the picture is clear, and you experience strong emotions when you "browse" it, then the desire is already clearly formed.
Remember and detail the picture as often as possible,For example, before bed. How beautiful it is to fall asleep, be carried away to your best dreams! This is a useful skill from all sides. Imagine the color, the brand of the car, the smell of saloon and gasoline, the sensation of speed - so you will soon get what you want. Or your new office, business suit, haircut, manner of speaking, speech that you would like to say - that the desired position came into the hands faster.

Steps to a dream.

Now try once again to strain your imagination. Scroll back, try not to see the result, but how you came to him. Let you do not see the whole path at once, but the dream picture does not come from the first time.
Imagine people who could be around you, help or disturb you. Imagine what you would do in this or that situation, so that she could tell who she would turn to.

As you know, under a recumbent stone water does not flow. About new acquisitions and successes you can dream as much as you like, lying on the couch, but they will never be, if you do not help the dream to find your way to you. Therefore - act.
Behave like a boss, if you want to be her. Or as the owner of your own apartment, if you need one. Change as you think would have changed if it had already happened. Do not miss the chances that fate will give you. Try, work, overcome obstacles and do not forget to look into the future. Your imagination will tell you how to act and what is waiting for you around the corner. You just need to learn to trust your intuition.

Many do not believe that desires can come truejust. Indeed, it's just that nothing happens. In order to get even a little, you need to make a lot of effort. Even what you dream, you think, imagine - is an action that needs only be supplemented. But, if you believe in yourself and try, the dream will never pass by.
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