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Do men like to talk about sex?

So, do men talk about sex? Of course. But their talk about sex is slightly different from what women are discussing. For example, ladies like to talk about what their young people are gentle, how they give pleasure to them. But men talk about something else. Basically guys, of course, show off to each other about what they are alpha males and sex giants. Unlike women, guys never admit to their friends that they can not get something, because it's very humiliating for them. Men do not like to talk about this with the representatives of their gender. If the guy really has some problem, then in the worst case, he will soon go to his girlfriend, but not to a friend. Therefore, if we talk about whether a man likes to talk about sex, then the answer is, of course, affirmative, but with reservations.

What Men Talk About

Also young people can feel free to discussTheir partners and sex with them, and, going into the smallest details. Girls, as a rule, do not allow themselves this kind of thing. If they are discussing sexual intercourse, they talk more about the emotional side. But the guys like to talk about technology, poses and the like, while not forgetting to focus on what they are good fellows.

In conversations with a man about sex, not alwaysYou can hear the truth. Therefore, if you are present, when men talk about their sexual victories, you should not believe every word they say. Of course, this does not mean that all young people are exaggerating their successes by a factor of several. But still, every word to take on faith is also not worth it. By the way, do not be angry with the guys because of this. Simply, the psychology of men is different. And the concept of sex in them, too, is different. Do not forget that in times of primitive people, the man who had the most children, was one of the strongest in the tribe, most often was the leader. Therefore, the guys are genetically set to tell each other about their victories. Thus, they subconsciously show their male friends and acquaintances that they are the leader in a certain group. The main thing is that the young man does not spread too much. Therefore, if you understand that a young person is crossing the line, explain to him that this topic is still not suitable for discussion with friends and explain that it is extremely unpleasant for you.

Why are they silent?

But if young people are so fond of talking aboutSex, then why does this issue continue to interest girls? The fact is that not all the guys know how to talk with their partner on such delicate topics. And this, of course, is not at all good. Because, as in any other issue related to the relationship between two people, one should never keep silent about the problems. But it's very difficult to talk about sexual problems to guys. Therefore, your main task is to convince a young person that you will not love him and respect less, even if he recognizes the existence of a problem. Naturally, a man can not immediately make contact, but eventually he will learn to discuss this topic and you can make your sex life brighter and more saturated.

By the way, it is worth noting that if the questions are notRelate to certain problems in bed, then men with great pleasure talking with the ladies about sex. They are more relaxed in these issues, can offer new ideas and experiments. And in this case, women begin to be embarrassed and ask not to talk about it. So do not be too. Remember that a young person may think that he does not suit you with something or you do not trust him. And it can also happen that a man will not be interested in you in bed. So, always remember that everyone likes to talk about sex. Just for these conversations you need a suitable place, time and, most importantly, a person whom he can trust.

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